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"Hey, it’s Fred!", oh Fred, what happened to you?"

Fred Figglehorn (AKA FЯED) is an Internet meme and YouTube character created and portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank. Fred Figglehorn is a hyperactive and socially awkward protagonist who is the main protagonist of the FЯED franchise. He was a good character from 2006-2009 and 2013-2014, but sadly, in 2010-2012 when Nickelodeon did the 3 movies and TV show about him, he was badly flanderized.

Why He Sucked

  1. Fred went from a hilarious, mostly tamed, smart, awkward, and likable character to a hyper, annoying, short tempered, immature, and unlikable one for a protagonist.
  2. He screams a lot, much to the point of aggravation.
    • On that note, his screaming sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
  3. His high-pitched voice is extremely annoying compared to his early videos.
  4. His "Oh my gammit" line gets old very quickly and will give you a nerve.
  5. He is a creep that stalked his crush Judy in the first movie, and worse still, he doesn't receive any comeuppances for this; instead he gets Judy in the end.
  6. He is supposed to be 15, but he has the mentality of a 4-year old.
    • On top of that, he outright admits that he's 6-YEARS OLD.
  7. Lack of character development. Fred always stays the same character. Annoying, dumb, and immature.
    • On top of that, his stupidity is unfunny but rather irritating. He is often too dumb to realize that his actions are wrong and/or immoral.
  8. Very mean-spirited. He assumes his music teacher, Mr. Devlin, is a vampire in Fred 2: The Night of the Living Fred.
  9. His fourth wall breaking can get really annoying.
  10. Not even close to relatable.
  11. He is even treated like a punching bag due to his whiny behavior at the hands of his bully, Kevin.
  12. Fred is a wimp. He is also untalented and incompetent.
  13. He is a spoiled brat, as he always whines whenever something doesn’t go his way.
  14. He made an unnecessary appearance in the iCarly episode iMeet Fred. Understandably, said episode is hated by many fans.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He became an internet meme.
  2. He thankfully stopped as a character on August 3, 2012.
  3. Lucas Cruikshank portrayed Fred decently.
  4. He isn’t as bad as his mother.
  5. He used to have good publicity and was much more better in 2009, but suddenly between 2010 to 2012 he got three movies and a Nickelodeon series, where his character traits have been amplified since then in order to adapt for the longer runtimes of both the movies and the Nickelodeon series. Only then was he universally hated.
  6. His channel has been now a dead horse since July 2015.
  7. He's thankfully old news now.
  8. He did recover in 2013-2014, and thankfully got his old likable self back, and his legacy ended on a high note.
  9. The Annoying Orange pokes fun at him in a good way by using him as a rare gag, specifically in Ask Orange.


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3 months ago
Score 2
I'm so glad Lucas Cruikshank has changed for the better.


4 months ago
Score 2
I remember the old days. Lucas Cruikshank is a completely different person now.