Fred Figglehorn (2010-2012)

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Fred Figglehorn (2010-2012)
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(Insert Fred Screaming Here)
Gender: Male
Type: The Dark Side of Fred Figglehorn
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Lucas Cruikshank
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Fred: The Movie
Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred
Fred 3: Camp Fred
Fred: The Show
First Appearance: 'Fred on Halloween (actual)
Fred: The Movie (flanderized version)
Last Appearance: 'Lucas Defeats Yuksung (actual)
Freddy and The Figglettes, Part 2 (flanderized version)

Fred Figglehorn (AKA FЯED) is an Internet meme and YouTube character created and portrayed by Lucas Cruikshank. Fred Figglehorn is a hyperactive and socially awkward protagonist who is the main protagonist of the FЯED franchise.

He was a good character in the 2006-2009 and 2013-2014 web series, but sadly, in 2010-2012 when Nickelodeon did the three movies and TV show about him, he was badly flanderized.

Why He Sucked

Note: This mainly applies to his character in the Nickelodeon movie trilogy and the 2012 TV show.

  1. Fred went from a hilarious, mostly tamed, smart, awkward, and likable character to a hyper, annoying, short-tempered, immature, and unlikable one for a protagonist.
  2. His main recurring joke during the Nickelodeon era often relies on him screaming way too much, to the point where it gets aggravating and annoying than actually funny.
    • On that note, his screaming sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
  3. His high-pitched voice is extremely annoying, even when compared to his early videos.
    • In the original web videos Fred's high-pitched voice is achieved by digitally speeding-up the footage during post-production to give a chipmunk-like quality in his voice, which made him sound cute and comical. But here in the in the Nickelodeon film trilogy and the 2012 TV series Fred's high-pitched voice is achieved rather by applying a high-pitch voice synthesizer to Lucas Cruikshank's voice during post-production instead of speeding-up the footage, which is what made his high-pitched voice sound even more annoying and grating in the first place.
  4. His "Oh my gammit" line gets old very quickly and will give you a nerve.
  5. His singing voice is insufferably torturous, despite believing himself to be cool and a good singer in the first movie.
  6. He is a creep that stalked his crush Judy in the first movie, and worse still, he doesn't receive any comeuppances for this; instead he gets Judy in the end.
  7. He is supposed to be 15, but he has the mentality of a 4-year old.
    • On top of that, he outright admits that he's 6-YEARS OLD.
    • Speaking of which, in the original web series Fred is depicted as a 6-year-old boy, which possibly explains his high-pitched voice, childlike nature, innocent view of life, emotional outbursts and temper tantrums when he's upset over even things that aren't that big of a deal, and inability to understand complex subject matter, which is understandable. But here in the Nickelodeon film trilogy and the 2012 TV series, he is aged-up into a 15-year-old teen but still retaining the same character traits and high-pitched voice as his original web counterpart except that these traits of his have been over-exaggerated to extremes, making him come off as an extremely immature teen with an unusually high-pitched voice who NEVER acts his age and with a developed mental disorder (since apparently this is what the executives over at Nickelodeon perceived the Fred character as to begin with), which is what made him even more unlikable in the first place.
  8. Lack of character development. Fred always stays the same character. Annoying, dumb, and immature.
    • On top of that, his stupidity is unfunny but rather irritating. He is often too dumb to realize that his actions are wrong and/or immoral.
  9. Very mean-spirited. For example:
    • He assumes his music teacher, Mr. Devlin, is a vampire in Fred 2: The Night of the Living Fred.
    • In Fred: The Movie, he has sadistic fantasies of torturing his bully Kevin, and once he gets humiliated at Judy's party by Kevin, he seeks revenge on everyone at Judy's party by tricking them into an invitation to his party with "dis-invitations", only to reveal that they're not invited and evilly laughs in their faces when he tells them that they're not invited.
  10. Although unintentional, he is also racist, such as in two instances in the first movie when he freaks out at the sight of his Chinese next-door neighbors who moved in into Judy's old house and Fred accusing a Mexican man of ruining his brain because he doesn't understand English.
  11. He barely ever respects to his mother, such as when he frequently annoys his mother with his constant screaming, and even stole her money before leaving on the bus in the first movie. But then again, his mother was no better, since her abusive and neglectful nature seems to be the cause of Fred's unlikeable personality.
  12. His fourth wall breaking can get really annoying.
    • Speaking of which, he has a bad habit of constantly doing quick jump cuts in each scene he breaks the fourth wall, which not only gets mind-boggling and annoying after a while, but also renders each scene he's in both the movies and TV show to be very poorly-edited.
  13. Not even close to relatable.
  14. He is even treated like a punching bag due to his whiny behavior at the hands of his bully, Kevin.
  15. Fred is a wimp. He is also untalented and incompetent.
  16. He is a spoiled brat, as he always whines whenever something doesn’t go his way.
  17. A year prior to his official Nickelodeon franchise debut, he made an unnecessary appearance in the iCarly episode "iMeet Fred". Understandably, said episode hasn't aged well since then and therefore is hated by many fans.
  18. He's always in the Bubsy levels of annoying, despite that he's more annoying than Bubsy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Lucas Cruikshank portrayed Fred decently.
  2. He did recover in 2013-2014, and thankfully got his old likable self back, and his legacy ended on a high note.
  3. The Annoying Orange pokes fun at him in a good way by using him as a rare gag, specifically in Ask Orange.
  4. His web incarnation is more funnier and better than his movie and tv show incarnation.


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