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    Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz (Modern Big Nate)

    Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz (Big Nate)
    Teddy: "So Nate and Daphne are a couple."
    Francis: "Yup."
    Teddy: "They seem like a good match."
    Francis: "Yeah, they both look happy."
    Teddy: "How long do you give them?"
    Francis: "Three weeks."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Super Obnoxious "Friends"
    Age: 11
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: TV Series:
    Daniel MK Cohen (Francis)
    Arnie Pantoja (Teddy)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Big Nate
    First appearance: Francis: January 17, 1991 Strip
    Teddy: January 27, 1994


    Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz are characters in the comic strip and book series Big Nate. They take the role of Nate's best friends, but during the mid 2010s, they were flanderized.

    Why They're Horrible Best Friends

    1. They're pretty rotten for best friends, constantly ridiculing and making fun of Nate.
    2. They constantly tease Nate about various things, like in the third book they teased him of having a crush on his archenemy, Gina when Nate told Artur that Artur should date Gina instead of Jenny.
    3. They have zero faith in Nate when he does basically anything, and don't even think he can hold up a relationship for even a few weeks.
    4. They're always laughing at Nate's misfortune.
    5. They once made fun of Nate's hair in public, ridiculing him about it for days.
    6. They refused to believe that Nate dumped one of his ex-girlfriends, Trudy, instead of the other way around.
    7. Whenever Nate says a quiz is hard or shares his answer to one of the questions, they both proceed to laugh hysterically which is very disrespectful.
      • Sometimes they'll even check their answers by looking at Nate's answers, but only to find out if they answered differently because they always just assume every single one of Nate's answers is wrong. And guess what? They laugh hysterically there too.
    8. They once spent all day talking about how amazing and legendary Dee Dee's party was even though they knew Nate wasn't there, meaning he had to sit through these two idiots blabbering about an amazing event Nate didn't even get to see.

    Francis Pope

    1. Whenever a new edition of his favorite book series, Funtastic Facts, comes out, he reads countless different factoids to Nate and Teddy without their permission and won't listen when they tell him to stop. There's only ever been one exception to this, which was when Nate specifically asked him to read him a fact to just be able to "get it over with", but then, of course, he refused.
    2. He's flat-out addicted to his factoid books, having a panic attack or tantrum when he doesn't have one in hand.
    3. He's a neat freak and a perfectionist.
    4. His character went really awry in late summer 2023, where he became uncaring, obnoxious, and overconfident.
    5. Whenever he brings his cat Pickles with him on occasions, even though Nate has ailurophobia (fear of cats). To make things worse, he teases him about it and brings his cat closer.

    Teddy Ortiz

    1. Although probably a better character than Francis, he's still pretty annoying and mean just like him.
    2. He can often be just a filler character.
    3. There are several occasions where he has bad ideas, or can be just plain dumb.
    4. Unlike Francis, he doesn't really have a quirk, and a lot of times he's just there for no reason.
    5. He always ridicules Nate when he gets injured, which is often the punchline to a strip, even though making fun of someone's injury isn't funny, it's just mean.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. They do occasionally try to comfort Nate when he's upset.
    2. Teddy is arguably the better one of the two.
    3. They were much better in the book series and in the earlier years of the strip, being exponentially kinder and more caring to Nate.
    4. They can be sensible and rational at times.
    5. They can also sometimes be pretty funny and witty.
    6. Like most other characters in the strip, their designs are passable.
    7. One can say that Nate does sometimes deserve to be ridiculed.


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