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    Foxy Loxy
    "Pump it Up! Pump it, Pump it, Pump it!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Mean Spirited Fox Girl
    Species: Fox
    Portrayed by: Amy Sedaris
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Chicken Little

    Foxy Loxy is the former tertiary antagonist in Disney's 2005 animated feature film Chicken Little. She was voiced by Amy Sedaris.

    Why She's Intentionally a Mean-Spirited Fox

    1. She and her best friend Goosey Loosey bully Chicken Little and his friends throughout the movie, making them mean popular girls.
    2. She was being kind to Buck Cluck and tells him that no one blames him after it looks like Chicken Little lied about seeing a spacecraft. Talk about cruel irony, and this scene is difficult to watch.
    3. She never shows kindness to Chicken Little.
    4. She is cruel, sexist, selfish, and mean to others as well.
    5. She and Goosey Loosey seem to love tormenting people and are easily considered bullies.
    6. Her teeth are creepy for a fox. Like, seriously, what kind of fox wears braces in real life?ǃ
    7. In the gym class scene of the movie, Chicken Little criticized her for being a jerk, so she snapped her fingers at Goosey so her friend can fling him at the top window and made him pull the fire alarm and got him in trouble. This proves she cannot handle any criticism.
    8. She is the literal definition of a Mary Sue.
    9. She never got punished for her actions, making her a Karma Houdini.
    10. With all the reasons provided, she, along with Buck Cluck, is by far the worst characters in the entire movie.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She became less of a jerk at the end of the film. Granted, she was brainwashed due to an accident when the aliens were returning her to Earth, but still.
    2. She didn't interact with Chicken Little that much, so at least she doesn't serve entirely to torment Chicken Little.
    3. Unlike Buck Cluck, Foxy is a hate sink. In other words, she's meant to be hated.
    4. Her design is good and cute, despite what WSIAMSF#6 says.
    5. Amy Sedaris did a pretty good job voicing her.


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