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    Flower Speaker Box (BFDI)

    Flower Speaker Box
    Gender: Female
    Type: Biased, Hostile Host
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Magenta and Yellow Speaker Box
    Portrayed by: Michael Huang
    Status: Destroyed
    Media of origin: Battle For Dream Island

    The Flower Speaker Box was a speaker box created by Flower. She was featured after Spongy killed the Announcer. She had every same detail as Flower as she made it for one purpose: to let Flower win the show. So, after some arguing, the Flower and Firey Speaker Boxes agreed to co-host in "Don't Pierce My Flesh". In "Hurtful!", Flower threw a bowling ball to destroy the Firey Speaker Box; instead, it destroyed the Flower Speaker Box.

    Why She's Not Beautiful

    1. First and foremost, she's incredibly biased towards her owner, Flower. Not helping is that BFDI Flower was insufferable (even if she would redeem herself in BFDIA onwards), and her speaker box may be even worse.
    2. Like Flower, the Flower Speaker Box practically hates everyone other than Flower, who she reveres as perfect. She wouldn't pass up on an opportunity to rig the contest or judgment in Flower's favour.
    3. She poisoned Firey's Yoylecake in "Don't Pierce My Flesh" just because she didn't like him. In that same episode, she fires a laser at Leafy for seemingly no reason other than calling her cute.
    4. Her voice is extremely grating due to how much she always shouts.
    5. She's extremely sadistic. When everyone is about to drop out of a ship into a volcano, Bubble says she can't find the parachutes. The Flower Speaker Box laughs and says there aren't any before dropping everyone.
    6. She's extremely selfish, not being able to take any criticism or admit she's in the wrong for taunting Firey Speaker Box's generosity.
    7. She's an incredibly spoiled brat. For example, Firey Speaker Box tells her that she can't be sure if Flower survives elimination against Rocky before the results are shown. Flower Speaker Box proceeds to scream in his face.
    8. She also throws the game for Flower, trying to get the remaining cast to do a Beauty Contest so she can save her owner.
    9. She rudely tells Bubble that she hopes the latter will get eliminated.
    10. She has no personality outside of adoring Flower and being a brat. Basically Bracelety done wrong.
    11. She never showed remorse for any of her reactions mentioned above.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her design is really cool. She's one of the only speaker boxes not to have a silver speaker, and the yellow helps her stand out.
    2. She never had much screentime, and ended up getting karma when she got crushed with a bowling ball, never appearing again.


    • Flower Speaker Box had the shortest lifespan of all of the hosts.
    • She can shoot lasers out of her speaker, as seen when she shot at Firey Speaker Box twice and Leafy once, though she missed the latter.
    • She is the one of the only speaker boxes to die permanently, the other being Firey Speaker Box.
    • She is the only host seen in BFDI not to re-appear in Battle for Dream Island Again.
    • She and Firey Speaker Box are the only speaker boxes confirmed to have a tongue, as seen in "Don't Pierce My Flesh", and "Well Rested" respectively.
    • As mentioned above, she is the only one of the speakers not to have a silver speaker, hers being yellow instead.


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