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    Fletcher Quimby
    This is what happens when you turn a character into the butt of the joke to the point of them becoming unsympathetic.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dimwitted Butt-Monkey
    Age: 12 (season 1)
    13 (season 2)
    14 (season 3)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jake Short
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: A.N.T Farm
    First appearance: transplANTed
    Last appearance: the new york experiANTs

    Fletcher Quimby is one of the main characters of A.N.T. Farm. He's a 14 year old artistic genius and dilettante, gifted in all media including painting, sculpture, and drawing.

    He is portrayed by Jake Short.


    He met Chyna on her first day at Webster High, and soon became her friend. However, he deeply developed romantic feelings for her despite their friendship. Fletcher has trouble keeping his crush a secret when he constantly keeps adding her into his art. Fletcher got over her though, and also dated Olive (whom he stated that he liked much better and confessed his love for) as of unwANTed but they break up (temporarily) in the New York experiANTs when Fletcher has to move to New York to be an art resident. It is briefly mentioned that Fletcher is agoraphobic in season 3.

    "Dimwitted" Qualities

    1. Fletcher is a rip-off of Robbie Shapiro and Freddie Benson from Victorious and iCarly
    2. He's the butt-monkey. Plus, his parents don't seem very supportive of his artistic ability.
    3. His talent is rarely used in the series, and if so, it's generally unimportant. The traits that the show most focuses on is his butt-monkey status and ditziness. In a lot of plots, he's rarely even used at all for anything other than humor.
      • It worsened in season 3, where most people treats him like he's nobody, Olive acts more aggressively toward him, and for some reason, the entire country hates him (in a later episode that last thing is proven to most likely be false due to Kennedy being revealed to not be a debate prodigy this was probably fabricated, and this whole thing about everyone hating him either her being sadistic or she's venting her annoyance towards some of Fletcher's stupid moments).
    4. If anyone is going to be hit, teased, thrown, slapped, yelled at, or receive dirty looks it'll be Fletcher.
    5. Whenever a situation arises in season 3, the other characters generally tells Fletcher to go away.
    6. He serves just the same functions as Freddie did but minus the nerd tendency.
    7. He can be annoying at times.
    8. Fletcher feel like nothing more than one-note gags. A great example of this is having a crush on Chyna...and that's it.
    9. He gets more dumb from late season 2 onward.
    10. Some of his jokes can be very cringe at times.
    11. While his friendship with Olive is in a good point, his romantic relationship with her failed.
    12. Although Olive and Fletcher we're a cute they unfortunaly broke up in the last episode of the show when they just got together two episodes earlier.

    "Genius" Qualities

    1. Despite his status as the butt monkey, Fletcher proves in "feature presANTation" that he does have limits to how much he will endure. In the episode, Fletcher hasn't been able to sleep for days because Angus keeps having nightmares waking him up. He spends the episode helping him with this problem, while Angus acts like a total jerkass towards him. After his final plan to help him ends with them simulating being on a boat, causing Fletcher to still be awake and even fall in a bowl of fish, he finally snaps and, in a particularly impressive and gratifying moment, he not only stands up to Angus, but actually chases him around the school, leaving Angus able to do nothing but run and scream in terror.
    2. He has his moments. He could easily be the snarkiest character on the show but his ditziness keeps him in check.
    3. He's a pretty likeable character, just like Chyna and Cameron.
    4. He was a very popular character when the show was on back then, and even without a cult following, many viewers would see him as a good character.
    5. Fletcher's great at art.
    6. He suddenly matured up and discarded his constant crushing on Chyna.
    7. Him and Olive we're a cute couple and became a popular ship in the show.
    8. He's sweet, and goofball kid.
    9. Fletcher is an excitable, accident-prone, and imaginative boy with a cheeky sense of humor.
    10. Jake Short did a good job playing as him.
    11. A.N.T. Farm officially ends with Fletcher moving to New York to follow his dream of being an artist, Olive and Fletcher breaking up, and Hudson moving to Palo Alto to go to the Z-school. However it could be argued that Olive and Fletcher are still dating.


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