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    Filler characters are characters that are created by the creators of the media they originate from just to fill up space or time. Usually, they contribute nothing, and we mean nothing to the actual show, and often they just for no reason. They can also have one-note personalities, such as comic relief. These characters are usually also seen as The Scrappy of the show. Sometimes, a filler character can get so bad that they eventually take over most of the screen time, and most often these characters may co-side with the show going down the toilet.

    Most filler characters have a few certain traits that make them filler as well, such as trying to hunt down the main character (like Denzel Crocker and Amanda Killman), side existing with the main character (like Monokuma Kubs or Burt Burtonburger), or existing to be goof off comic reliefs (like most filler characters in fact). Most of these traits can be combined as well, birthing out an atrocious character who is nothing but a waste of oxygen.

    Usually, they get worse as time moves on, and in worse cases, they can get so derailed they may become a creator's pet, as mentioned above.

    Sometimes, flanderized and derailed characters can become filler characters once their personalities get butchered, such as Denzel Crocker.

    Note that in rare cases however, a filler character may somewhat be likable or have decent moments, and in even better cases, the character may only be limited to one or few episodes, and never appear again.

    An example of a filler character.
    Another example of a filler character, but they're actually written decently despite being in a bad show.
    Another example of filler characters that are also written decently to thoroughly conclude the canon story arc.

    Notable Filler Characters

    • Tobias (Pokémon)
    • Carrot (Battle for Isle Sleep)
    • Amanda Killman (Bunsen Is a Beast; basically modern Denzel Crocker but worse)
    • Monokuma Kubs (Danganronpa)
    • Lemmings (Norm of the North)
    • Birdo (exists to be filler in the Mario Party games and the most infamous)
    • Lucky (Pound Puppies)
    • Soap (The Strive for the Million)
    • Donut (Object Mayhem)
    • Denzel Crocker (became filler in seasons 9 and 10 of The Fairly OddParents)
    • Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country TV series; serves no purpose in the show other than filler)
    • Goosey Loosey (Chicken Little)
    • Sid's family
    • Thief Pig (Angry Birds Evolution; serves no purpose in the game other than stealing)
    • Slip & Slide D'Peel (Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island) They aren't that useful. Coconut Fred doesn't torture the two compared to how he does that to his "friends" while he's playing with them.
    • Floch Forster (Attack on Titan)
    • Dizzy the Cement Mixer (Bob the Builder, 2015; one example of a decent filler)
    • Roley the Steam Roller (Bob the Builder, 2015; not only was he flanderized into a neurotic flat freak, but has been reduced to filler)
    • Derek (Cool Cat Saves the Kids)
    • Broken Glass (Object Redemption)
    • Burt Burtonburger (Kid vs. Kat)
    • Phone (Object Mayhem)
    • Cyan Ball (Battle for Devin the YouTuber)
    • Kara Fowdy (Black Lightning)
    • BJ and Baby Bop (Barney & Friends; in the later seasons, they exist solely to act as plot devices who need Barney's help learning morals)
    • Jared Shapiro (The Powerpuff Girls 2016 reboot)
    • Hugh (The Loud House)
    • Alessi (JoJo's Bizzare Adventure)
    • Egg Timer (Fight in Flight)
    • Kikyo (Inuyasha)
    • The Principal (To Love-Ru)
    • Millicent Bluenight (The Vexations of a Shut-in Vampire Princess); she only exists as the stereotypical mean girl to annoy the protagonist and serves no actual purpose to the story.
    • Casey (Object Overload)
    • Doggy (FuturisticHub)
    • Joe la Boot
    • Sharpener (Object Mayhem)
    • Lizzie Devine (Codename: Kids Next Door)
    • Nia (Thomas & Friends)
    • Mr. Weaselbrat (Buddy Thunderstruck)
    • Lois Lane (DC Super Hero Girls: 2019; only in season 1)
    • Trent Overunder & Mary Gaperman (Henry Danger) Only serve as filler to interrupt stuff and will get on nerves quickly.
    • Jolasia Pupcia Kiepska (Kiepskich)
    • Rebecca (Thomas & Friends)
    • Ronaldo Fryman
    • Flash Sentry (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls)
    • FeeBee (Unikitty!)
    • Makunga
    • Evelyn Claythorne (Meta Runner)Like most mean popular girl characters, she is pure filler, serving no purpose to the plot, except to be an excessive jerk and villain to the main character, for the sake of pissing off the audience in the cheapest way possible.
    • The Interns (Total Drama; decent examples of filler characters)
    • Drama Machine (Total Drama)
    • Stevens (Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja)
    • Emperor Awesome (Wander Over Yonder; season 2; debatable)
    • Brimmy (South Park)
    • Anne, Kevin, and Red (South Park)
    • Beau (Unikitty!)
    • Poop (The Emoji Movie)
    • Devil Banishers (Black Clover; although they're decently written to conclude the Elf Reincarnation arc)
      • Dazu Tayak
      • Bow Nocde
    • Dorothy (Elmo's World)
    • The Noodle Family (Elmo's World)
    • Drawer (Elmo's World)
    • Door (Elmo's World)
    • Shade (Elmo's World)
    • TV (Elmo's World)
    • Computer (Elmo's World)
    • Hero Guy (Sesame Street)
    • Gonnigan (Abby's Flying Fairy School)
    • Niblet (Abby's Flying Fairy School)
    • Mrs. Sparklenose (Abby's Flying Fairy School)
    • Gene the Genie (Abby's Flying Fairy School)
    • Murray (Sesame Street)
    • Mr Bitters (Big Time Rush)
    • Budha Bob (Big Time Rush)
    • Heather (Over the Hedge)
    • Little Cat Z (The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss) A visible and possessed a hipster attitude, with him muttering Z-words non-stop.
    • Terrence McBird (The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss)A character introduced in the 2nd season serving as someone who disagrees with the Cat and almost every other episode involves him not wanting to try something and the Cats getting him to like it.
    • Aunt Harriet (Batman series)
    • And any other character from S9-12 of TTTE (However, some of them are well-written)
      • Molly (An example of one of the well-written)
      • Mighty Mac (Another example of a likable character or characters with a nice design, but they weren't used often.
      • Neville
      • Dennis
      • Proteus
      • Fearless Freddie
      • Rosie (However, she is also well-written for the most part)
      • Rocky
      • Jeremy (Had no purpose outside of his debut episode)
      • Whiff (The only new character from this era still relevant to the show nowadays)
      • Madge
      • Hector
      • Billy (Thomas and Friends) The worst offender
      • Hank
      • Flora
      • Colin
    • Mr Weiner, Pizza Pete, Senor Taco and Noodleman (SpongeBob SquarePants)
    • Nico (Dhar Mann)
    • Skeebo (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures)
    • Icarus (Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might) A non-canon character that only exists in the movies.
    • Fanfan (Dragon Ball Z) Only served as the love interest of Master Roshi.
    • Jackee, Mandee, Fiona, and Miguel (The Loud House)
    • Diego (Ice Age: Collision Course)
    • The Dino-Birds (Ice Age: Collision Course)
    • Dirk Dumphrey (The 7D)

    Why They Don't Fill

    1. They only exist for no reason other than to fill up space by the creators of the media they are from.
    2. The characters' personalities are nothing but one note, including stupid, mean-spirited, quirky, etc.
    3. It's just the creator wanting to make more of many characters rather than make it quality.
    4. These characters steal screen time from other good characters.
    5. Most often nothing is charming about the character because they are only one-dimensional.
    6. Filler characters can get flanderized really easily.
    7. They're often just blatant Gary Stus or Mary Sues.
    8. Usually it's often the same formula with these characters due to their one-dimensional personality, like Casey never interacting with her best friend Popcorn (Object Overload), Burt Burtonburger just repeatedly unfairly punishing his son Coop (Kid vs. Kat), FeeBee just selfishly not sharing her flowers (Unikitty!), or Amanda Killman failing to capture Bunsen (Bunsen is a Beast).
    9. Some of them can be stereotypical, take Jared Shapiro from the 2016 reboot of The Powerpuff Girls for example.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. There can be times when filler characters can have good moments.
    2. Some filler characters can be likable and somewhat tolerable.


    • Some filler characters disappear or are forgotten after a few episodes.


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