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Filler characters are characters that are created by the creators of the media they originate from just to fill up space or time. Usually they contribute nothing, and we mean nothing to the actual show, and often there just for no reason. They can also be have one note personalities, such as a comic relief. These characters are usually also seen as The Scrappy of the show. Sometimes, a filler character can get so bad that they eventually take over most of the screen time, and most often these characters may co-side with the show going down the toilet.

Most filler characters have a few certain traits that make them filler as well, such as trying to hunt down the main character (like Denzel Crocker and Amanda Killman), side existing with the main character (like Monokuma Kubs or Burt Burtonburger) or existing to be goof off comic reliefs (like most filler characters in fact). Most of these traits can be combined as well, birthing out an atrocious character who is nothing but a waste of oxygen.

Usually they get worse as time moves on, and in worse cases, they can get so derailed they may become a Creator's Pet, as mentioned above.

Sometimes, flanderized and derailed characters can become filler characters once their personalities get butchered, such as Denzel Crocker.

Note that in rare cases however, a filler character may somewhat be likable or have decent moments, and in even better cases, the character may only be limited to one or few episodes, and never appear again.
An example of a filler character.
Another example of a filler character, but they're actually written decently.
Another example of filler characters that are also written decently to thoroughly conclude the canon story arc.
Another example of filler characters, who are written terribly.
And another example of a filler character, who is only a one-time character, and an offensive stereotype.

Notable Filler Characters

Why They Don't Fill

  1. They only exist for no reason other than to fill up space by the creators of the media they are from.
  2. The characters' personalities are nothing but one note, including stupid, mean-spirited, quirky, etc.
  3. It's basically just the creator wanting to make more quantity of characters rather than make it quality.
  4. These characters steal screen time from other actually good characters.
  5. Most often there is nothing charming about the character because they are only one-dimensional.
  6. Filler characters can get flanderized really easily.
  7. They're often just blatant Gary Stus or Mary Sues.
  8. Usually it's often the same formula with these characters due to their one-dimensional personality, like with Casey never interacting with her best friend Popcorn (Object Overload), Burt Burtonburger just repeatedly unfairly punishing his son Coop (Kid vs. Kat), FeeBee just selfishly not sharing her flowers (Unikitty!), or Amanda Killman failing to capture Bunsen (Bunsen is a Beast).
  9. Some of them can be stereotypical, take Jackie and Mandee from The Loud House for example.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There can be moments where filler characters can have good moments.
  2. Some filler characters can be somewhat tolerable.
  3. Some filler characters disappear or are forgotten after a few episodes.


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