Ffukkie Slim

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Ffukkie Slim is the main titular character of the infamous Dutch animated series of the same name.

Why He Sucks

  1. Most of his jokes are based on disgusting toilet humor.
  2. He usually makes loads of unbearable jokes about his penis and he shows it to the other supporting characters from the show.
  3. He has a very nasally voice which makes his voice sound like Buhdeuce on helium.
  4. His design looks very creepy and ugly, as he looks a poor man's version of Bart Simpson with a painted head and a photoshopped mouth.
  5. He barely gets any sort of character development.
  6. Along with other gross-out characters, he does several revolting and vile stuff that consists of toilet jokes.
  7. He is a immature plus destructive character.
  8. Most of his dialogue is horrendous and awful.