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    Ferdinand (Tom and Jerry: The Movie)

    "Special (Laughs)"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Obnoxious Clumsy Minion
    Species: Dachshund
    Portrayed by: Michael Bell
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Tom and Jerry: The Movie

    Ferdinand is a character from Tom and Jerry: The Movie, he is a fat dog who moves around on a skateboard and is the pet of Aunt Figg and serves as the movie's evil comic-relief and major antagonist. He along with all the other characters from Tom and Jerry: The Movie, have never made anymore appearances in later Tom and Jerry media.

    He is voiced by Michael Bell.

    Why He Doesn't Deserve Any Cupcakes

    1. He is a perfect example of a poorly written "comic-relief villain" in the whole Tom and Jerry franchise, since he usually contributes to the film's forced-in slapstick comedy instead of Tom and Jerry providing it themselves, but done very poorly and in a tedious manner.
    2. Unlike the other actors, Michael Bell did a pretty weak and poor job voicing him to the point of being very annoying to listen to. Especially when he says "Caught the mousey!" in a raspy and creepy-sounding way.
      • As much as both Richard Kind and Dana Hill's voices are slightly unfitting, at least they both did a better job as both Tom and Jerry respectively than Michael Bell did as Ferdinand.
      • His laughing and growling starts to get very grating to listen to.
    3. Every time he's on screen, he does something unfunny, obnoxious, selfish, petty, sadistic, or gross.
    4. He feels like a ripoff of Muttley from Wacky Races (since both are Hanna-Barbera henchmen dogs that snicker a lot), Gollum from Lord of the Rings (since both have a similar voice), and Taz from Looney Tunes (since both are gluttonous, jabbering, dumb, clumsy and immature), but without any of the charm and likability of said characters.
    5. He is also shown to be extremely greedy and self-serving at times, since he refuses to let Tom and Jerry have steak and wants to have it for himself.
    6. He is also very destructive and accident-prone due to his bumbling antics that gets stale and always failing at helping his evil masters succeed at keeping Robyn in their home, which goes to the point that he even makes other incompetent animal villains like Otis the Dog and Claude Cat look good in comparison to this guy.
      • in fact, his incompetence and bumbling nature makes him incredibly hard to be taken seriously or seen as a legitimate threat, to the point that Tom, a cat whom is known for his intense fear of dogs throughout the Tom and Jerry franchise (especially when dealing with Spike Bulldog), is barely even afraid of him in the slightest and can already outsmart and defeat him with ease, and the fact that he is very morbidly-obese and unfit in physique doesn't help either.
      • The scene when Aunt Figg kicks him so hard he is sent flying onto the ocean and slowly drowns, is downright creepy and not funny at all, as it instead comes across as a tasteless animal abuse death joke (in a kids movie).
    7. He serves nothing vital to the film other than to get a cheap laugh from the audience, you can replace him with another animal henchman and nothing would change.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. His design is cute, depending on how you view him.
    2. There were some moments here and there, where he can be funny at times, like the moment he slams into a cabinet after catching a cupcake.



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