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    "I should have predicted this..."
    Yes, Feli. You should have predicted ending up here.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Emo Girl
    Portrayed by: Yukie Maeda (Japanese)
    Erin Fitzgerald (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Puyo Puyo

    Feli is a character from the Puyo Puyo series, she is a student from a magic school in a town neighboring Primp Town and a visitor who visits Primp Magic School while accompanying her upperclassman Lemres in Puyo Puyo Fever 2.

    Bad Qualities

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, she quickly antagonizes and threatens other people who are not Lemres. It's like she sees the latter as some worshippable being. Even on the 15th Anniversary had a scene where Klug mentioned that becoming like Lemres made Feli berserk.
    2. While it's interesting to see a character who is themed around occultism, Feli is so fatalistic that she thinks that her fate with Lemres is predetermined and unchangeable. If anyone changes her fate, let's say it's not going to end very well.
    3. She does not let anyone get near Lemres such as Klug since the latter worships him. It's like she's overprotective of the former that she thinks that Lemres belongs to her meaning that she is just selfish and of course greedy.
    4. Because of her personality, she is the reason why she is often feared by a lot of people thanks to her. Even Lemres doesn't agree with Feli being a fangirl of Lemres.
    5. For some reason, she attempted to rape Lemres in Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary. Yep, you heard that right, she crossed the line right there. Ironically enough, she did mention on the 15th Anniversary that her age needs to catch up with Lemres' age so she can have a proper relationship. However, what she said on the 20th is beyond ridiculous, proving her a hypocrite.
    6. Compared to most people, she treats Klug like crap a lot more than the rest of the cast due to the latter being obsessed with Lemres. Yes, she may be right about Klug being an obnoxious nerd, but she's not doing any better.
    7. Speaking of treating others badly, she also shows that she can have a meltdown towards those who can't even talk like Donguri Gaeru in 20th Anniversary who only speaks in frog noises. It's like she jumps to conclusions a lot and doesn't even acknowledge that some characters don't even speak yet she tried to kill Donguri just because he doesn't talk (Feli asked him about Lemres).

    Good Qualities

    1. Her character design is both cool and wholesome.
    2. At least she doesn't treat Lemres badly, but that does not save her from her obsession with him.
    3. Her respective voice actors still did a good job voicing Feli as if they were capturing the personality of a gothic girl.


    • Her birthday, November 13th, may relate to her causing bad luck to others. It is also "World Kindness Day", which is somewhat ironic considering her behavior.
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