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    Gender: Female
    Type: Hypocritical, Selfish, and Flower Person
    Species: Half-Flower, Half-Bee
    Portrayed by: Grey Delisle-Griffin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Unikitty!
    First appearance: Sparkles Matter Matters
    Last appearance: The Birthday to End All Birthdays

    FeeBee is a supporting character from Unikitty!. She is a flower and bumblebee hybrid who runs 'Feebee's Flower Shop', a local flower store. She loves flowers to an almost unhealthy degree, to the point that she oftentimes refuses to sell her flowers to customers. She speaks with a Southern accent. She is voiced by Grey Griffin.

    Why She (Intentionally?) Doesn't Deserve Any Flowers

    1. To get Unikitty out of the room, she is known for not giving her flowers to people, which is absolute hypocrisy, as she sells flowers (and is a flower herself). Thus, making her extremely selfish and greedy.
      • This is further noticeable in "Unikitty News", where her commercial has her yelling at the viewers to stay away from her flower shop. Watch it here.
    2. FeeBee is one of the most unlikable Unikingdom citizens in the entire show. Yes, the Unikingdom citizens have acted selfish, destructive, or cruel before (take "Little Prince Puppycorn" and "Stop the Presses" for example), but she takes it to absolute extremes.
    3. Hypocrisy: Speaking of WSDDAF#1, she is constantly telling people to stay away from her flowers and even her flower shop, even though she is supposed to be selling her flowers, which indicates that she opened up her flower shop for nothing.
    4. She is known for going insane whenever people take away her flowers and acts like an oddball whenever she is with them.
    5. Her voice by Grey Griffin is extremely annoying and grating to listen to, especially when she is yelling or crying.
    6. For a character in a cutesy show, FeeBee behaves like an insane psychopath.
    7. In "Late Night Talky Time", she chased Brock just because he stole his flowers.
    8. While her design is cute, it can get creepy and uncanny at times, especially when she makes an extremely happy, sad, or angry face.
    9. Half of her appearances are just for filler.
    10. When she isn't being an absolute jerk, she can often come across as a Hawkodile simp and a butt-monkey who has her flowers taken away from people. However, it's hard to feel bad for her considering she doesn't share her flowers with others and with how selfish she can be.
    11. She, along with the other Unikingdom citizens selfishly wanted Puppycorn to stay prince in "Little Prince Puppycorn".
    12. Unlike Master Frown, who often deserves his comeuppance, she never gets punished for her actions, making her a Karma Houdini.
    13. Because of all these reasons, she is considered one of the show's worst characters, with some considering her even worse than Master Frown.
    14. She is a rip-off to Flower from BFDI (when they share the same flower design) and Lola Loud from The Loud House (when they share the same voice by Grey Griffin and the same personality).

    Redeeming Qualities That Do Deserve Any Flowers

    1. Her design is cute when she's not overly happy, angry, or sad.
    2. She did improve in season 3, where she rarely gets angry in said season.
    3. She is much more tolerable when she isn't being a jerk to people.
    4. While FeeBee is unlikable, she has a handful of funny moments, such as:
      • She briefly insulted Master Frown by saying, "Boo, you stink!" at him, which justifies that he's a villain and is hilarious.
      • "I knew he was an alien the whole time!"
    5. Despite being extremely annoying and grating, Grey Griffin did do a great job voicing FeeBee, especially when she is not screaming and crying.
    6. FeeBee is likable and has many episodes and moments.


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