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    Fazbear Entertainment
    You know when a company is that bad when they care more about getting those big bucks than the safety of their customers.
    Gender: Males
    Type: Corrupt Company
    Age: Over 40 Years
    Status: Active
    Media of origin: Five Nights At Freddy's

    Fazbear Entertainment is the overarching villainous organization of the Five Nights At Freddy's video game series. They are an extremely greedy, stingy, and corrupt company that maintains a series of pizzerias.

    Why They're Intentionally a Terrible Company

    1. They are extremely greedy, corrupt, and selfish, caring more about their business than the lives and safety of others.
    2. Upon discovering that the Springtrap suit/animatronic was extremely dangerous to wear and prone to crushing the wearers to death, instead of properly disposing of it, they simply stored it in the back of the pizzeria and advised employees not to wear it. They also advised that if someone did wear it and experienced a failure, they go to the back area and bleed out away from everyone else so the sight doesn't bother the customers, showing they don't care if the employees die and care more about their customers remaining unaware of the disturbing incidents than actually providing useful advice on how the employees can potentially survive Springlock failures.
    3. When William Afton caused the Missing Children Incident (killing five children), they only cared about the bad publicity.
    4. After the animatronics became haunted and began killing night guards, Fazbear Entertainment began covering up the deaths by hiding the corpses and filing missing person reports. They covered up numerous deaths and obstructed justice just to avoid bad publicity.
    5. Rather than stop employing night guards and begin using the animatronics as the only security force they needed to guard the pizzeria at night, they continued to needlessly employ night guards, all while not warning them of the dangers of the job and refusing to pay restitution if the employees were injured. This shows both how stupid and corrupt the company is, as they sent numerous employees to their deaths while refusing to pay restitution to any surviving injured employees and covering up the deaths to avoid bad publicity. This was extremely stupid because they had no need to hire night guards at this point since the animatronics alone were a sufficient security force, and by hiring more night guards and sending them to their deaths, they needlessly created more problems for themselves and left to cover up more and more deaths.
    6. They didn't even allow night guards to use designated safe rooms where the animatronics couldn't reach them, instead sealing them off.
    7. During the events of 1987, they only paid the night guards such as Jeremy Fitzgerald minimum wage, further showing how greedy and stingy they are.
    8. They fired Fritz Smith without paying him and insulted his odor (though to be fair, he did tamper with the animatronics).
    9. They paid Mike Schmidt well below minimum wage even for his year, gave him only 50 cents for working an entire night overtime, and eventually fired him while refusing to pay him anything at all for his second night of overtime and insulting his work ability and odor.
    10. They hired an indie game developer to create a series of games they could use to dismiss the many tragic and supernatural events that happened over the decades as baseless rumors.
    11. After acquiring their new Pizzaplex, they began firing employees for minor reasons and replacing them with S.T.A.F.F Bots.
    12. They made their one fire escape for VIPs only, which makes them look insane, stupid, and greedy all at once.
    13. They had bogus "free bowling passes" that didn't work at all.
    14. Their Faz-Cams are sold on the golf course, which bans all photography. In other words, they sell unique Freddy Fazbear patterned cameras, only to immediately take them away from the customers after they buy them, without returning their money, and put the cameras back on the shelves to continue "selling" in an endless loop scam, which is illegal.
    15. Despite all their corruption and mistreatment of their employees, they have managed to rise above everything and not only have avoided legal consequences for their illegal actions and business practices but have become extremely successful and opened a huge Pizzaplex where they continue their corrupt business practices. They have suffered no long-term consequences for their many illegal and morally corrupt actions.
    16. Overall, they are incredibly greedy, stupid, stingy, corrupt, and selfish, and have indirectly caused many deaths, fired many employees for poor reasons, underpaid other employees, rudely insulted numerous employees, and scammed numerous customers, all without punishment.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. To be fair, they are meant to be unlikable.
    2. Their over-the-top exaggerated greed, incompetence, and corruption are played for comedy.


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