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    Gender: Male
    Type: Cruel Animal Abuser
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Mother/EarthBound

    Fassad, formerly known as Locria, is a major antagonist in Mother 3. He serves as the central antagonist in chapters 1-5 and a supporting antagonist in chapters 7 and 8. He's one of the top commanders in the pigmask army, alongside with the Masked Man.

    Why He Got Electrocuted

    1. To start off, he's an animal abuser as he constantly tortures and abuses Salsa for failing any tasks he has to do by electrifying him due to him wearing a shock collar that he couldn't take off.
    2. Not only he abuses Salsa for failing any tasks, but he abuses him even if he successes them, showing how much Fassad is heartless, even saying that it is Salsa's "reward".
    3. If he's not abusing Salsa, he is shown to be a caring man to him and showing that he doesn't do anything if Salsa does something wrong, similar to Tom's owner from the Gene Deitch era, which is something that looks similar to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but executed badly.
    4. When a player finishes the happy box delivery in less than 23 minutes, Fassad comes to a conclusion that the player didn't complete it in 23 minutes, pretty much wasting a player's time for the quest.
    5. Because of his contant animal abuse, he is pretty much the only and the main reason why chapter 3 can be offensive and can anger any player so much, especially if they are onto the animal topic.
    6. When Salsa gets a banana, he completely steals it from him and eats it, throwing it into sand, and if the player is not careful, Salsa can actually slip on that banana peel, mostly looking like that chapter 3 could sometimes be considered a Salsa torture chapter, only because of Fassad's constant abuse and torture for him.
    7. There's one moment where he electrifies Salsa after the former says one word, making him completely sadistic before he could even finish his speech.
    8. In battle, if Salsa is inflicted with a status problem, Fassad uses his punishizer (the machine he uses to electrify Salsa), which, while it does remove status effects from Salsa, it also causes Salsa to receive damage, which is not weird, but rather cruel for a traveling partner.
    9. Before the battle with the Cactus Wolf, Fassad once again threatens to electrify Salsa if the battle is lost, but after the Game Over, it does not happen, meaning that Fassad either joked or lied to just anger a player due to his animal abuse towards Salsa, or he actually did electrify the latter, but off-screen.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Like the other characters in the franchise, he has a great character design.
    2. The battles against him are fun, and you can also give him a beatdown that he deserves.
    3. He gives himself his own karma in chapter 5 by slipping on his banana peel and falling off the Thunder Tower.
      • Another karma that he gets is at the end of chapter 3, where he gets attacked by a Drago, injuring him.
    4. Fassad has his own pet, a mouse, and he cares for it, and does not actually abuse it at all.
    5. He has a great and iconic laugh, "Nwehehehehe!", which could be considered one of the greatest evil laughs in the entire franchise.


    • Fassad is seen in the first chapter, where he makes a deal with Butch. It could be considered foreshadowing for the third chapter. Additionally, in chapter 2, he bumps into Duster and steals the money he gave to Butch. Because of this, chapters 1 and 2 are the only chapters in the game where Fassad only makes a small cameo.
    • Although Fassad is not a permanent party member, he can level up, which can be changed in the Debug Room of the game.


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