Evelyn Claythorne

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Evelyn Claythorne
Meta Runner Evelyn (2).png
"Belle, be honest, would you rather play with me, or her?"
Gender: Female
Type: Overweening, Whiny, Incompetent, Self-regarding and Heartless Bitch
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Elsie Lovelock
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Meta Runner

Evelyn is a character in Season 2 of Meta Runner. She is is a Meta Runner and a member of TAS Corp that works for the cooperate, big-bad Lucks who is forced to be Tari's partner, even though she doesn't like Tari in the slightest. Her personality is possibly based on The Rani from The Mark of the Rani and Time and the Rani. Voiced by Elsie Lovelock

Why She Sucks

  1. Rather than being an immoral, intimidating and sadistic Control-Freak of a villain like Lucks, she's just a typical Alpha Bitch character who is very insensitive, spiteful, hurtful, vain, insolent, fussy, and self-centered but also very inept at getting the better of Tari other than being an irritatingly envious prick (unless she has cheats or gets lucky, making her look weak entirely), who's only purpose is to make the viewer want to reach through the screen and strangle her (which a part of comes from TV Tropes by the way).
  2. Speaking of personality, most of it consists of Evelyn bitching about not having much attention or 'respect' and acting like a mean popular high school girl just for the sake of it and it's very annoying!
  3. Like most Alpha Bitch characters, she is purely filler, serving no purpose to the plot, except to be an excessive asshole and villain to the main character, for the sake of pissing off the audience.
  4. Her role of a "comedic" sided villain is not funny or even humorous whatsoever.
  5. And this also can make Evelyn look like an unmannerly dumbass at the same time because of these reasons below:
    • She an mean-spirited womanchild when she met Tari and how she interacts with the employees at Tascorp,
    • Aside from that, her villainous yet foolishly fallible motives was shown in in the "Soft Lock" episode, when she attempted to give Tari an setback during gameplay, and she didn't think twice about how not being aware of Tari's team being able to win all because of her trying to show off how she could win over Tari just showed how incompetent she is and how she gave Lucks an utter backfire on her part during the battle overall,
      • Her stupidity was better shown here when she was being an raging sore-loser and was tussling Tari quite pathetically & irrationally, just about an enough amount of time for her Epic Fail of being easily hoodwinked by Tari, Sofia & Lamar to ensue (and was done satisfyingly in that).
      • This just gets more ridiculous in "Nightmare Mode" where she was just freed after complaining about being freed from that room she got tricked into, in spite of the TASCORP agents freeing her Evelyn tells them to close the door just to talk to Lucks [essentially locking herself back in to be left there], showing how Too Dumb To Live she made herself look right there.
  6. Also her backstory in "Friendly Fire" goes to show how inept she is at Tascorp, meaning that she had little to no desired effect at being a Meta Runner at Tascorp in the first place {While Belle was proven to be skilled & experienced, Lucks did make quite a foolishly amoral move on lethally replacing Lucinia over Evelyn, and this makes her existence seem rather pointless other than being an antagonistic bitch to the innocent Tari in her endeavor she was already having}.
  7. She is overly talkative (whether it is hurtful & full of spite at Tari or not) and not once has she ever shut up! Not to mention that she even shouts at times when yelling stupidly at the minions at Tascorp or making insults like calling Tari a "blue-haired science expirement?!?", which is also an example of showing how she can't pronounce some things right.
  8. She is an obnoxious attention-whore as in her first appearance in the episode "Hard Reset", Evelyn expresses her frustration with the fact that Lucks has been giving much more attention to Tari than her like the obtusely immature individual she is.
  9. In which her hatred towards Tari for getting all the attention is very clichéd and quite unrelatable.
  10. She even gave herself an autograph in a episode; just to show how conceited she is.
  11. She becomes an contemptible, in-your-face Pyschopathic-Womanchild in "Friendly Fire" when she is willing to attack Tari's friends (in a game we mind you) just to spite her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her design is decent, along with her voice acting by Elsie Lovelock.
  2. When Tari was wanting to know why she hates her and Evelyn's cliched backstory ensued to the point of showing how self-important she was being in the process, Tari got to give Evelyn An Reason on Why She Sucks being in TAS Corp when Evelyn was utterly hurtful towards Tari and was expressing how tiresome she felt with her being there in the episode "Hack and Slash" {it was somewhat downplayed and justified while Evelyn was still hateful, underhanded and irredeemable in Tari's brief reasoning for wanting to be left alone from people like her and Lucks}
  3. Evelyn being loyal and forbearing to Belle allowed Belle was able to stealthily help Tari and her team while keeping Evelyn away from them in some instances was a better strategy.
  4. With that said, Tari (or her team) keeping Evelyn out of what's actually going on behind Tari's team side of the story like outfoxing Lucks can help further in the plot in a positive way for the most part without Evelyn being involved (e.g The whole thing is shown in "Friendly Fire" to "Soft Lock" when a slight part of Tari's team plan was interfered by Evelyn herself for being an antagonistic nuisance in the aforementioned Soft Lock episode, but was defeated by Tari from the video game counterpart because of Evelyn being inept from her womanchild mannerisms).
    • When her villainous yet foolishly fallible motives were shown in the "Soft Lock" episode that showed how she made to her own Epic Fail when being an prickly dumbass with Tari, just to get hoodwinked by her, Sofia & Lamar helps out Tari a lot more being with Lamar and Sofia in the story. Evelyn making herself locked by mistake also allows her filler based screen-time to be shown a lot less.


In spite of her being incredibly unpleasant, in the "Making Our Own Animated Show" video, it was revealed that Evelyn was one of GLITCH Productions staff's favorite characters [ironically enough] due to the fact they know she is obnoxious towards lots of fans and that was the point of her character and she was thought out to be a 'love-to-hate' kind of character due to how "ridiculous" she'd naturally react with anything being said and the staff (Jarrad Rumble in particular) summarized how she has this dynamic, was full of personality [from her womanchild demeanor] and her presence.


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22 days ago
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Everlyn: (cries like a b*tch)


2 months ago
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Let's cross our fingers to see if Evelyn might get a redemption arc in season 3 (meaning she will try to become a nice person).


2 months ago
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Or just to see her have an satisfying comeuppance for her mean-spirited behavior if that isn't the case. Still crossing me fingers tho.


4 months ago
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Also about her Epic Fail in the Soft Lock episode, if you slow down the episode at 6:05, you can see that she was just raging quite stupidly until Tari was able to shove her to her setback when Sofia hacked the software and it really did made Evelyn look like she was Too Dumb To Live.


4 months ago
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It's even better when TV Tropes say that she was a "Hate-Sink" character, in which it describes that "Evelyn's only purpose thus far has been to make the viewer want to reach through the screen and strangle her."

Plus her last name was meaningful because it describes "You know a character is a pain when "thorne" is part of her last name".

Which all summarizes her as well.