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    Ernie Fitzpatrick (Back to the Jurassic)

    Ernie Fitzpatrick
    "On a scale of 1 to 10, the rating for how annoying this brat is is totally a -50!" - Baymax from Big Hero 6
    Gender: Male
    Type: A Typical Annoying And Selfish Jerk With Everyone
    Age: 10
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Pamela Adlon
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Back to the Jurassic

    Ernie Fitzpatrick is the main protagonist of the infamous 2012 CGI animated fantasy comedy adventure film Back to the Jurassic. He was voiced by Pamela Adlon.

    He is a daredevil boy who lives in the fictional town of Terra Dino along with his best friend Max Santiago, his overprotective mother Sue and his younger sister Julia.

    After being grounded for three weeks by Sue after going to the Terra Dino Museum instead of tending to his mother's store, he escapes from his bedroom window and goes to his friend Max's house, where he discovers a time machine that is being built by Max's father, Dr. Santiago, and which still hasn't worked for 4 years.

    After being caught by Julia drinking soda, they both start a chase, and this causes Ernie himself to accidentally spill soda on the time machine, which makes it work.

    Because of this, they go back in time and stop in the Jurassic period, and now, the three friends need to work together as a team to return to their time.

    Why Sue Should Make Some Rules About Stopping Him From Being Horrible

    1. Much like Gus from A Troll in Central Park, Conrad from The Cat in the Hat (2003) and Milo from Disney's Mars Needs Moms, he is a typical spoiled and rebellious brat who generally acts like a jerk to his mother Sue and his younger sister Julia with little to no sympathetic or redeeming qualities to him whatsoever.
      • In fact, he has characteristics so similar to these characters to the point of being a rip-off of the former three.
    2. He constantly breaks the fourth wall, and even in scenes where the obvious is being shown to the viewers at that very moment, which can get annoying quickly.
    3. He destroys public property and doesn't have an ounce of shame about it, like in the opening scene where he passes several people while riding his skateboard through the city of Terra Dino and when he and Max destroy several fossils and buildings in a restricted area from the Terra Dino Museum.
    4. He violated his mother's rules by going to the Terra Dino Museum along with Max to see the new fossils of the Sarcosuchus, when he was supposed to take care of the store where Sue works.
    5. He is terrible at making excuses, such as when he tells Sue about him "being" at her store and that he had left a note about being inside the store, even though he himself ignored her warnings and went to the Terra Dino Museum for his own pleasures.
      • Another good example is when Ernie, Julia and Max discover that the time machine is now missing, which makes Julia and Max completely angry, and Ernie even has the audacity to say, "Hey, I didn't take that!", although he himself took the power key and ruined everything for them, as mentioned in WSSMSRASHFBH #9.
    6. After being grounded by Sue for 3 weeks, instead of staying in his bedroom and thinking about his consequences of everything he has done, he even goes so far as to escape from his own bedroom window to go to his friend Max's house. Yes, really.
    7. He is the main cause of this entire movie happening in the first place, since, as previously mentioned, he is caught by Julia drinking soda, which causes him to become furious and start chasing her. This causes him to accidentally spill some soda into the time machine and send the three of them back to the Jurassic period. But the worst is yet to come…
    8. He is at his absolute worst in this infamous moment. After Tyra's tail accidentally removes the time machine's power key while chasing Ernie, Julia and Max discover that the power key is missing, which would return them to their own time. After a while, Ernie finds it on the floor, but instead of putting it back in the time machine, he hides it in his pocket and even lies to Julia that the power key is missing and that they are trapped at the Jurassic period, without even considering how Julia and Max are worried about being in this period. And the worst of all is that the viewers are still supposed to root for him.
      • This scene not only makes him quite insufferable for some, but it also shows that he is also selfish and greedy, which can make some viewers lose some empathy with him.
    9. When Ernie finally finds the power key, and confesses to Julia and Max that he screwed up everything by worrying about Sue's rules and getting grounded, the three discover that the time machine is missing because it was taken by the Sarco Brothers' three bird henchmen Morris, Borace, and Horace. Julia and Max become so angry with Ernie for wasting their time to the point where Julia cries. This shows that he doesn't care about other people's feelings to the point of hurting their feelings.
    10. As previously mentioned, much like Surly from The Nut Job, he doesn't care that much about other people's feelings and prefers to do everything his own way, which can make viewers to lose complete empathy with him. This becomes even worse when Max tells to Ernie that the three of them could've been eaten by any wild animals if they weren't saved in time, which makes Ernie even more unlikable than he already was.
    11. He is a huge hypocrite, and some of the best examples include:
      • At Max's house, after being caught by Julia drinking soda, he becomes furious and calls her a tattling twerp, even though he himself escaped from his own bedroom to go to Max's house on his own.
      • During the Sarco Brothers' final battle with Tyra, when Ernie, Julia and Max enter the time machine before drowning in a tar pit, Ernie tells Julia and Max how much they miss home, even though Ernie himself got the power key from the time machine and didn't even care about their feelings.
    12. His design, while decent and tolerable for the most part, can become awkward and ugly to look at times, especially thanks to the cheap animation of the film.
      • There are also times where his faces can vary from cringeworthy to unintentionally creepy, with some of the best examples being seen in these images.
    13. The film tries way too hard to make the viewers root to Ernie over other characters, such as his younger sister Julia or his overprotective mother Sue, but due to all the self-inflicted incidents throughout the film, this makes the viewers want to root for the latter ones.
    14. This infamous and mean-spirited quote from him: "It's not fair! It never ends! 'Time to go to the store, Ernie!' 'Time for violin practice, Ernie!' 'Time to clean your room, Ernie!' How about some Ernie time? When can I make my own rules?"

    Redeeming Qualities That Are Totally A 37

    1. Pamela Adlon does an okay and a tolerable job voicing him.
    2. Despite what WSSMSRASHFBH #12 says, his design, while still awkward and ugly in certain scenes, is still decent to look for the most part.
    3. He redeems himself massively during the film's climax, as, after the time machine is captured, he plans a strategy together with Julia, Max and Dodger to return them to their own time: they decide to leave a note at Mystery Rock to Sue and Dr. Santiago about what they should do. After a while, when Julia is captured by Morris, Borace, and Horace, he sacrifices his own life to rescue her, as well as his friend Max. And also, when the time machine was sinking in a tar pit, Ernie, Julia and Max risked their own lives to save Tyra and Ernie himself even sacrifices his own skateboard to defeat the ferocious dinosaurs, which was very honest and brave of him.
    4. Deeply down, he still cares about his mother Sue and his friends, especially Julia.
      • And, as mentioned earlier, he decided to risk his own life to rescue Julia, which shows that he stills demonstrates some empathy for her.
    5. He occasionally gets his punishments and is scolded for his antics. For example:
      • He got grounded for three weeks by Sue for not taking care of the store she works and instead, going at the Terra Dino Museum.
      • He gets crushed by Tyra after trying to escape the nest (although he has a valid reason why he did this), as if she was "punishing" him, just like his mother Sue does.
      • He got called out by Julia and Max for not putting the power key back to the time machine, which ends up getting her lost, and Julia tells Ernie that everything that happened was his own fault, which is rather true.
    6. He still has some pretty funny/good quotes/moments throughout the film. Here are some examples:
      • Seeing him riding around with his skateboard can be amusing to watch at times.
      • Some of the action sequences where he is involved can also be very awesome to watch as well.
      • As previously mentioned, seeing him being crushed by Tyra, as if she is "grounding him", just like his mother Sue does sometimes, is admittedly funny.
      • "On a scale of 1 to 10, rocket boarding is totally a 37!"
      • "I can't… I won't… But I MUST!!!!"
      • "She… grounded me."
      • "I may have lost the key, and then the time machine... but I am not losing my sister, too!"
      • "Guys! I know how much getting home means to you... but we can't run away from this."
    7. His rocket-powered skateboard, which is controlled by a remote control, looks amazing and pretty creative to look at.



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