Emma Alonso (Every Witch Way)

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Emma Alonso (Every Witch Way)
Emma Alonso.jpg
"The fewer things I mess with the better."
Gender: Female
Type: Mary Sue
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Paola Andino
Status: Alive
Media of origin: 'Every Witch Way'

Emma Alonso is the main protagonist of Every Witch Way, she is a new student at Iridium High,and also a witch. She's the Chosen One, the most powerful witch, and her guardian is Lily, the school nurse. Her best friend is Andi, who wants to be her guardian one day. In season 3, she is a waitress at the Beachside Seven and becomes more independent with her powers. In the season 3 finale, she has to decide whom to be with: Jax or Daniel, but she chooses Jax over Daniel, which triggers a Continuum Break on Daniel in season 4. During the Break, Emma is the only one to remember Daniel, and she tries to restore his memory, but triggers the Break again in the series finale to make him happy. Emma also wanted to turn back time in season 4 to bring back her mom. However, she eventually realizes that it wasn't a good idea. Emma is still dating Jax at the end of the series.

Why She Sucks

  1. She's another cliched Normal/Relatable teenage girl but done poorly.
  2. Emma is a MASSIVE Mary Sue due to her doing all these spell because she's "The Chosen One" if your protagonist is the chosen one nerf it down or else it comes off as her.
  3. Emma's actress acting (No disrespect to Paola Andino) is just cringeworthy, off-putting and awful.
  4. Her love triangle between her, Jax, and Daniel is poorly executed and comes off as forced.
  5. She's doesn't stay true to her counterpart from Grachi Graciela "Grachi" Alonso only the last name Emma has that's all.
  6. She never gets any character development at all.
  7. Overall Emma is just a bland, poorly written protagonist who is just a disrespect to Grachi Alonso and pretty much forgetable.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some people root for her.
  2. She does care about her friends and family.
  3. There are moments where she's at her best.


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