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    Emily the Stirling Engine (seasons 8-10, 12-16)

    Emily the Stirling Engine (HiT Model and Sharon Miller eras)
    After one season of being introduced, oh the mighty had fallen!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Bossy and Idiotic Stirling Engine
    Species: Steam Locomotive
    Portrayed by: Jules de Jongh (US)
    Teresa Gallagher (UK)
    Media of origin: "Dark Age" Thomas & Friends
    First appearance: Season 7

    Emily is an anthropomorphic emerald Stirling Single tender engine who works on the Main Line and is a main character in the British TV series Thomas & Friends.

    Sadly, she got flanderized during the HiT Model and Sharon Miller eras.

    Why She Was A Bossy Boiler

    NOTE: This will only talk about how she was badly butchered during seasons 8-10 & 12-16.

    1. She has been flanderized beyond recognition, twice. In her debut in Season 7, she is portrayed as a mature, kind, responsible, and supportive older sister figure. However, in Seasons 8-10, she got flanderized into an unnecessarily bossy, impatient, immature, whiny, bratty, rude, self-righteous and naggy engine who is disrespectful to other engines. After temporarily reverting back to her original personality in season 11, she got flanderized again into a dimwitted Mary Sue in seasons 12-16.
      • Also, unlike the other characters, she got flanderized only one season after her introduction, which is incredibly jarring.
    2. She has the tendency to do terrible and unlikable things:
      • In "Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough", she decides to "help" Thomas by constantly nagging him to do his work instead of being supportive and continues to nag him into getting his snowplough fitted instead of telling him that The Fat Controller is the one who needed him to get his snowplough fitted, which makes Thomas ignore her and she refused to apologize for being bossy until the very last minute.
      • In "As Good as Gordon", after she was given Gordon's job at pulling the express, she is too determined to be like Gordon to the point where she acts severely impatient and rushes to get her work done, only to backfire in her face in the end, that she leaves the brake coach behind for the express, calls Edward a "slow coach", refuses to wait for her passengers, and neglects to get water because she couldn't wait for James which made her run out of water and stop in the middle of the track with the express.
      • In "Emily's Adventure", she acts unnecessarily and unreasonably impolite and impatient to Trevor who was pulling a tree off the track, blew steam at some workers without any rhyme, and rudely blows her whistle at Elizabeth and orders her around when she was pushing a fallen water tower off the track.
        • You would think Emily learned her lesson in this case but in "Edward Strikes Out", she says "I don't like being patient" which shows that she didn't learn her lesson in this episode.
        • The episode even realizes this, with Thomas saying "That's because your a bossy boiler," in response to Emily being rude towards Elizabeth. Granted, Thomas' line there was very funny and pokes fun at HiT's directions.
      • In "Thomas' Milkshake Muddle", she mocks Thomas by calling him a "slow coach" for puffing slowly despite him telling her that it's safe to go slow, which shows she does not care about the dangers that can potentially happen.
      • In "Molly's Special Special", she teased Molly for taking empty freight cars which made Molly feel not useful.
      • In "Emily Knows Best", she gets jealous of Toby when he told her she had to know what to do to be a queen and manipulates Percy into taking her track despite Toby knowing more than her, which made Percy crash into Mavis and making Toby crash as well, meaning she can't take criticism. Not to mention, she also abandoned her coaches and her passengers near the castle and never went back to get them and doesn't get punished for it.
    3. She believes her actions are "helpful" when they actually make things worse.
    4. While it looked like she became a bit more likable in season 11, she reverted to her season 8-10 persona in "Pingy, Pongy, Pick Up" from season 14, but got the trait of acting idiotic in seasons 12-16 whenever she was given an episode role.
    5. She could even be a female equivalent of Thomas during his flanderization in seasons 12-16 who is also impatient, self-important, and a bit rude, except in Emily's case, it's gone too far.
      • She could especially be one of Gordon and James who are also arrogant as well.
    6. Her overall behavior made her the stereotypical mean girl.
      • For example, she doesn't listen to anyone's advice and thinks she knows more than anyone else, which she would know by now.
    7. Like Thomas, she is shown to be racist towards diesels. An example is in "Emily and the Special Coaches", where Diesel tells Emily that Gordon is not the only one who's special, she just cuts him off and says, "Well there's nothing special about smelly old diesels!" Like wow Emily.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She was a much better character in Season 7 and has massively redeemed herself in Seasons 11 and 17-24.
    2. There are some episodes where she is likable and even has her original personality, such as:
      • “Emily's New Route”
      • “Don’t Tell Thomas”
      • “Chickens to School”
      • Emily's Rubbish
      • ”Thomas’ Frosty Friend”
      • “Rosie’s Funfair Special” (“Rosie’s Carnival Special” in the US)
    3. Great voice acting by Teresa Gallagher in the UK dub and Jules de Jongh in the US dub.
    4. Although she did became bossy, impatient, immature, whiny, bratty, rude at least she still cares about all engines
    5. She does sometimes apologize, or at least feel remorse for her actions.
      1. Despite her rude behavior towards Diesel in "Emily And The Special Coaches", she did somewhat redeem herself by getting him a new motor.


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