Emily the Stirling Engine (Seasons 8-16)

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NOTE: This will only talk about how she was badly butchered during Seasons 8-16.

After one season of being introduced, oh the mighty had fallen!

Emily the Stirling Engine is an anthropomorphic Stirling Single tender engine who works on the Main Line and is a supporting character in the British TV series, Thomas and Friends. Sadly she got butchered during seasons 8-16 into being unlikable.

Why She Sucked

  1. She was flanderized from being a mature, kind, responsible, and supportive older sister figure in Season 7 into being unnecessarily bossy, impatient, whiny, bratty, rude, naggy, and disrespectful to other engines.
  2. Her unlikable moments include:
    • In "Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough" where she decides to "help" Thomas by constantly nagging him to doing his work instead of being supportive and continues to nag him into getting his snowplough fitted instead of telling him that Sir Topham Hatt needs him to get his snowplough fitted which makes Thomas ignore her and she refused to apologize for being bossy until the very last minute.
    • In "As Good as Gordon", she acted really irresponsible and overly impatient as she was too determined to be like Gordon that she left the brake coach behind for the express, acted rude to Edward for no reason, refused to wait for her passengers and neglected to get water because she couldn't wait for James which made her run out of water and stop in the middle of the track with the express.
    • In "Emily's Adventure", she acts unnecessarily and unreasonably impolite, annoying, impatient, and rude to Trevor who was pulling a log off the track, blew steam at some workers without any rhyme, and rudely blows her whistle at Elizabeth and orders her around when she was pushing a fallen water tower off the track.
    • In "Molly's Special Special" where she teased Molly for taking empty freight cars which made Molly feel not useful.
    • In "Emily Knows Best" where she gets jealous of Toby when he told her she had to know what to do to be a queen and manipulates Percy into taking her track despite Toby knowing more than her which made Percy crash into Mavis and making Toby crash as well, meaning she can't take criticism.
  3. She believes her actions are "helpful" when they actually make things worse than usual.
  4. While it looked liked she changed back to her old personality completely in Season 11, she reverted back to her Season 8-10 persona in only one episode of Season 14 ("Pingy, Pongy, Pick Up"), but got the trait of acting idiotic in Seasons 12-16 whenever she was given an episode role.
  5. She can be selfish and not care about the danger that will happen such as in "Thomas' Milkshake Muddle" where she mocks Thomas by calling him a "slowcoach" for puffing slow despite him telling her that it's safe to go slow.
  6. She could even be a female equivalent of Thomas who is also impatient and a bit rude, but comes off as overly unlikable.
  7. Her overall behavior made her the stereotypical mean girl.
    • For example: She doesn't listen to anyone's advice and thinks she knows more than anyone else. In which she would know this by now.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She still has a nice engine design.
  2. She was more tolerable in Season 7 and Season 11.
  3. She was likable in a few episodes, like "Emily's New Route".
  4. She massively redeemed herself in Season 17 onwards.
  5. She still cares about her friends despite how selfish she was in Season 8.
  6. She had got her comeuppance in the episodes where she is unlikable.
  7. Great voice acting by Teresa Gallagher in the UK dub and Jules de Jongh in the US dub.