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    Emily Cooper (Emily in Paris)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Various offensive remarks towards French culture + sexual content

    Emily Cooper
    "You keep your precious air miles and spend it on some away game and stay in Chicago for the rest of your life. Because... Because this city is filled with... with love and... and romance and light and beauty and passion and... and sex!" Si ce n'est pas de l'ignorance, Dieu sait ce que c'est (If that isn't ignorance, God knows what is).
    Gender: Female
    Type: Entitled Know-It-All, very close to a Mary Sue
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Lily Collins
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Emily in Paris
    First appearance: Emily in Paris (episode)

    "Look, you come to Paris, you walk into my office, you don't even bother to learn the language. You treat the city like it's your amusement park, and after a year of food, sex, wine… and maybe some culture, you'll go back from where you came. So, perhaps we'll work together. But no, we won't be friends."

    Sylvie Grateau, "Sexy or Sexist"

    Emily Cooper is the main protagonist of the series Emily in Paris. She is an ambitious marketing executive from Chicago in her 20s, who moved to Paris for her new job after her company, Gilbert Group, bought a French marketing company. Bidding farewell to Chicago, Emily moves to Paris for a dream opportunity and makes waves with her bold fashion and bubbly personality. She navigates personal and professional growth, embraces life as an outsider and finds her way into a series of flings and friendships.

    Pourqoui Elle Devrait Quitter Paris et Jamais Revenir (Why She Should Leave Paris and Never Come Back)

    1. To get the baguette out of the bag, Emily Cooper is a one dimensional character entirely made of flaws. This is a terrible way to establish a character in the show.
    2. Much like Brian Griffin and Velma Dinkley (Velma), she is a whiny, attention seeking, entitled, ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic, and (in Camille's words) "...espèce de sociopathe analphabète (an illiterate Sociopath)".
    3. Not only does she not understand French culture, but makes ZERO effort to assimilate or learn about it. Examples of this include:
      • Often talking loud even in quiet spaces.
      • The infamous "The Customer is always right" scene, which is a big no-no outside the US.
      • Using her apartment's electricity and water excessively even when she doesn't need it, which gets on the caretaker's last nerve.
    4. Her attempts to learn or practice French are laughable at best and infuriating at worst:
      • She constantly pronounces French words incorrectly (i.e. Pain au chocolat) constantly, even after being told the correct way to say them.
      • She cannot even write an apology letter properly. She doesn't even hire a tutor or translator to assist her.
      • Because of this, one of her co-workers, Patricia, doesn't want to have any involvement with her because she doesn't know English.
    5. She has proven several times to be terrible at her job and takes her co-workers for granted, especially Sylvie.
      • She doesn't even take the advice her Chicago manager Madeline gives her.
      • She tries to introduce the "Corporate Commandments" to her French colleagues, an American custom that does not exist in France.
      • While initially hesitant, she accepted a lingerie from a client, who sent it as a romantic gesture. She should have rejected it and kept their relationship professional.
      • She partied with Brooklyn at a club while she was suppose to keep track of a 2 MILLION EURO watch she commissioned her to wear. This nearly got the entire company, Savoir, in PR trouble and is more than qualified for termination.
    6. She doesn't respect anyone's personal boundaries.
    7. She is also a terrible friend and always uses people, especially Camille, for her own gain and status.
      • She automatically choses to travel to Paris without having a complete discussion with Doug, now her ex-boyfriend, and doesn't even take into consideration his thoughts on a long-distance relationship.
      • She dates Gabriel behind her Camille's back. And Camille is suppose to be Emily's best friend.
    8. Speaking of dating, she also slept with her Camille's younger 17-year-old brother Timothée. Even if the legal age in France is 15 and she was unaware about Timothée's age, this is wrong for several reasons.
      • She is doing this while harbouring feelings for Gabriel.
      • She is doing this behind her best friend's back. Not to mention this is her BEST FRIEND'S YOUNGER BROTHER without her knowledge.

    Qualités De Rachat (Redeeming Qualities)

    1. Lily Collins does a good job portraying her.
    2. Starting in season 2, she does start to get minor karma for her actions.



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