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    Emily (The Next Step, season 5)

    "As most of you know, I'm Emily, former A-Troupe member and former dance captain. And now...your new studio head!" Maybe not because of how bad you are as studio head.
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Dark Side of Emily
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Alexandra Beaton
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Next Step
    First appearance: The New Regime
    Last appearance: Pointe of No Return

    Emily is one of the main characters in the live-action Family Channel Dramedy The Next Step. She is a contemporary dancer, who is a studio head in seasons 5 through 7 and a former dance captain of The Next Step Dance Studio. She had main appearance in seasons 1-3 and seasons 5-7.

    Unfortunately, she has been flanderized badly in the fifth season.


    Emily announces that she is the new studio head and that Daniel is her choreographer. Wishing her team to be a team of purely technical and disciplined dancers, Emily does not pick any hip-hop dancers, breakdancers, J-Troupers, or doubters onto her team. Emily promises Michelle that she will be more utilized on her team than she was previously, but is upset when Michelle questions her choices and eventually quits A-Troupe in favour of forming her own troupe. Emily believes that Kate would never allow such a thing, but surely enough, she has; Michelle will be head of TNS West, while she will be the head of TNS East.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Emily has gone from a sassy girl with a heart of gold to a very annoying, unlikable, and mean-spirited character, which wasn't the case in the first four seasons.
    2. One of the problems that season 5 introduces, is Emily initially rejecting all the non-technical dancers which was irrational, given her character development in Season 1.
      • For starters, Emily has long learned to accept dancing that is not her style after losing her dance captaincy in Season 1 instead of just making her dancers do what she wants.
      • Emily also had a love for West, who is a hip-hop (a type of non-technical) dancer and has liked hip-hop herself.
    3. Emily does not prevent Henry and Josh both of who are hip-hip dancers, from auditioning. However, it is possible that she makes an exception because they are proficient at acro, unlike LaTroy and Ozzy.
    4. She make situations dramatic when they shouldn't be.
    5. The recycling of Emily and Michelle's rivalry, which wasn't needed, it was only used to fit the plot of season 5.
    6. There were some moments in The Next Step where her character downright sucked.
    7. Emily's initial refusal to postpone the dance battle after Michelle loses a dancer illustrates her competitive nature and determination to proceed despite the adversities faced by her opponents. This decision sets the stage for the subsequent challenges and strategies employed by both studio heads.
    8. The defection of Noah to Michelle's troupe and Emily's discovery that Zara cannot participate due to a scheduling conflict with a math competition highlights the unpredictable nature of team dynamics and the external pressures that can impact team composition and strategy.
    9. Before she used to only care about her friends, but now she only cares for herself and no one else.
    10. While she could be unlikable in the earlier episodes of The Next Step, she received character development in later seasons. In season 5, she went back to her personality that she had in season 1 which is non-sense.
    11. She lacks the charm that made her character great in the first four seasons, and seasons sixth through seven.

    Good Qualities

    1. She was a better character in the first four seasons of The Next Step. She fully revert to her original development in seasons 6 and 7.
    2. She's still entertaining to watch at times.
    3. She can still be a badass when it comes to helping out her dancers.
    4. She does have her funny moments.
    5. Her and Michelle rivalry had resolved at the end of season 5.
    6. She is greatly portrayed by Alexandra Beaton.


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