Elvis Cridlington (Fireman Sam, Season 6-present)

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Elvis Cridlington
"Great Balls of Fire! What have they done to my character?"
Gender: Male
Type: Idiotic Firefighter
Age: Unknown
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Steve Kynman (UK)
Andrew Hodwitz (US)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Fireman Sam

Elvis Cridlington is one of the main characters from the children's TV show Fireman Sam.

Even though he was good in the first five seasons of the show, he was unfortunately flanderized beginning with Season 6.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. In the first five seasons of the show, he was portrayed as a somewhat dimwitted, yet friendly firefighter, but since Season 6, he became an idiotic man who acts like an absolute knucklehead.
  2. He is portrayed as a comic-relief in most of the episodes he is in, which is not only unfitting for his character, but also unnecessary because Elvis was still a funny character in the first five seasons of the show, so trying to make a comic-relief so that he could be more "funnier" was a poorly executed idea.
    • But somehow, he is less funnier than he was in the first five seasons, and most of the attempts at trying to make him funny are more frustrating than laughter-worthy.
  3. He completely sucks at doing his job as a firefighter and is seemingly unable to do anything right, while it is true that in the first five seasons he sometimes did some mistakes or even did things that a normal firefighter wouldn't do (for example: he tried to put out an electrical fire with a bucket in A Real Live Wire), but it was only every one in a while, but since Season 6, he now does these things on a regular basis:
    • He is scared of being in a helicopter harness, even though firefighters are not supposed to be scared when being in one.
    • He once even mistaked chocolate for dogs treats and didn't even know that it could of made Radar the fire station dog very sick and could of even killed him.
    • He keeps losing control of whatever he is doing when he ends up sneezing, even to the point where he accidentally pressed a button on Tom's helicopter and even nearly crashed in a rescue tender, while it is true that you can somewhat lose control when you are sneezing, you don't lose THAT much control.
  4. His UK voice is rather annoying to listen to and it sounds like Steven Kynman trying to impersonate Elvis' voice from season 5, but failing miserably as a result.
  5. Much like most of the other characters who were redesigned in season 6 of Fireman Sam, his character redesign is pretty poor and ugly-looking.
    • Although his redesign is not the absolute worst, he still looks quite different from his counterpart in the stop-motion era of the show.
  6. At certain points, he can act extremely immature for his age.
  7. It's never explained in any episode as to why Elvis acts like a complete idiot in these seasons, considering the fact he never acted this stupid in the first five seasons, it makes fans of Fireman Sam confused out of their minds as to why Elvis is such a knucklehead in these seasons.
    • Even if you consider Season 6-present non-canon to Fireman Sam, it still doesn't save the fact it still makes the viewers question why Elvis chose to be a firefighter, even though he is clearly not suited to be one.
  8. Much like Norman Price, his character has had zero character development in the entire series since season 6, and has barley gained any competence throughout the entirety of the CGI seasons, even in Season 13, he still acts the exact same as he has always been since the switch to CGI in season 6.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite his flanderization, he is still friendly to the other firefighters and to the town of Pontypandy and he still tries to help anyone that is in trouble.
    • During "The Great Fire of Pontypandy", he once even risked his own life by leaping across to save Sam from getting hit by a burning branch.
  2. Though rarely, he can have a few funny moments here and there, like the scene in "Elvis Sings the Blues" where he goes to help Station Officer Steele and Norman Price, who are stuck in railings, while pretending to use his wheelchair as a fire engine and to repeatedly yell "nee naw, nee naw!".
  3. He still has a passionate love for music and for playing the guitar, much like in the previous seasons.
  4. Even though his voice in the UK dub is bad, at least Andrew Hodwitz (who is the actor for Elvis in the US dub) does a more good-to-decent at voicing him when compared to Steve Kynman in the UK.


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