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    Eliot Kid
    "It wasn't my fault!"
    "SHUUUUT UUUUUP!!" - John Kimble
    Gender: Male
    Type: Immature and Flat-out Idiotic Imaginative Gary Stu Who Never Learns
    Age: 6
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Barbara Scaff
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Eliot Kid

    Eliot Kid is the titular main protagonist from the show of the same name. He is a boy of seven years with a powerful imagination. He can be a superhero, musketeer, astronaut, secret agent... He's a boy capable of inventing adventures full of challenges. Not everyone fully understands their ideas, but every hero faces some enemies. Sometimes exaggerates the imagination causing much confusion for himself. He's a little wicked every once in a while his personality is quite varied. He is always accompanied by his friends Mimi and Kaytoo during their imaginary adventures. He is voiced by Barbara Scaff.

    Why He Can't Imagine and It's Most Certainly All His Fault That He's on This Wiki

    NOTE: Some of the problems were carried from the animated series of the same name.

    1. He is just an immature, selfish, unlikable, and stupid Gary Stu protagonist who does awful things just due to his imagination.
    2. He never changes his behavior. Every time he gets punished, he doesn't learn from his lesson and only does something stupid the next episode; therefore, he doesn't get any character development, and this can be seen as character derailment.
    3. His voice acting, thanks to Barbara Scaff, is awful as he sounds like he is in his mid to late teens, and it doesn't fit his appearance very well. His voice in the French dub, while still annoying, at least makes him sound more like a child.
    4. He doesn't appreciate most of his friends either, as he once covered ice all over Mimi because he thought she was turning into a younger boy, which in turn he thought his Aunt Margot the "witch" was responsible for.
    5. Speaking of Aunt Margot, Eliot constantly thinks she is a witch just because of her ugly appearance and using certain "potions", and even after the events of "Aunt Margot" and "Shrinking Mimi", he still believes she's a witch!
    6. He barely appreciates his family, and often gets in their way, and even after making their lives hard for over 50 episodes, he still doesn't learn his lesson.
    7. His design is mediocre, and it looks like a rejection from another cartoon. It looks more like Beau from Dexter's Laboratory, also it would fit in a preschool or kindergarten show.
    8. Of course, as said above, he does terrible things for the pettiest reasons, usually due to his imagination, and even sometimes not because of his imagination. Some examples of him being terrible include:
      • In the series premiere, "Wedding Impossible", he thinks his cousin-in-law to be, Jeff, is a spy, and thus locks him in the basement at night. Then, he locks his mom and Zoe in their room and makes his friends do other various tasks to sabotage the wedding.
      • In "The Bathroom Monster", he worries that there may be monsters in the toilets, so he goes to the girl's bathroom and floods the sink to fight it.
      • In "Eliot Goes for the Bananas", he believes that his dad is turning into a monkey, and then proceeds to ruin his machine to stop it, driving someone who was going to visit them away.
      • In "The Teeth Have Ears", he first realizes that his teeth filling is a device used to spy and that they are going to spy to win his mom's contest. Then he refuses to eat his dad's broccoli lunch so he can go to Mimi's house. However, when forced to, he still refuses to budge and ends up landing himself in his room after repeated annoyance.
      • In "The Virus Code", after hearing how "viruses know what they're doing", he goes to Mimi, who has chicken pox, and tries to "decode" her chicken pox, which only makes the situation worse, ends up getting Kaytoo sick as well.
      • In "Igor", he thinks Igor uses his music to hypnotize everyone in town and thus ruins his instruments and reputation. He even insults him for his look when he first imagines him as a monster when he's only a human like him and continues doing so.
    9. Sometimes, he can be a Karma Houdini, such as when he doesn't get punished for destroying Igor's instruments in "Igor" as mentioned above, and only talks to. The frequency of him avoiding comeuppances is much rarer in season 2 though.
    10. His annoying gag of trying to get out of trouble when caught, is often associated with quotes like the caption in the infobox says.
    11. Overall, he is a bland and unlikable jerk protagonist who's also clichéd, as the writers try to make him the troublemaker who has a big imagination but fails badly due to how poorly written his entire character is.
    12. He can be a rip-off of Bobby Generic from Bobby's World, due to both boys being imaginative, and are Gary-Stus.

    Imaginative Qualities

    1. The concept of his characterization as a kid with a huge imagination for blockbusters has potential as a pretty interesting protagonist but was sadly executed poorly due to the show's very poor writing.
    2. He improved slightly in season 2 as he became less of a Karma Houdini, though that isn't saying much.
    3. To be fair, he has good intentions at heart.
    4. As said in WHCI#3, his French actor, despite being annoying, at least sounds more like a 6-year-old.
    5. He at least gets comeuppance for his actions most of the time, preventing him from being a Karma Houdini, though he never learns from them.
    6. He can be likable in some episodes, especially in the series finale, "Life Without Mimi".


    • Eliot's shirt is similar to Chicken Little's shirt from Chicken Little.


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