Egg Timer (Fight in Flight)

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Egg Timer (Fight in Flight)
Egg Timer FIF.png
"Boo Hoo, this is the end of you!"
Gender: Male
Type: Mean-spirited Gary-Stu
Species: Egg Timer
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Fight in Flight

Egg Timer is a male contestant from a Object Show called Fight in Flight.

Why It Should Be The End Of Him

  1. He made his own team lose because he wasn't paying attention by taking part of the challenge.
  2. He became enemies with Silly String just because of a small reason.
  3. His existence is to become filler.
  4. Just like Phone, he is a bland timid character, but somewhat rude.
  5. His voice is weak just like his character.
  6. He's also a bland Gary-Stu.
  7. His dialogue "I don't see you trying" is hypocritical because he doesn't know how to grab a ball with his hands.
  8. He is not good at anything.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. His design is basic and simple.


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