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    Edwina and William Smith (Kate Ashby)

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    Edwina and William Smith
    Who thought it was a good idea to make these parents based on the grounded videos Vyonders makes which the creator of the series hates?!
    Gender: Female and Male
    Type: Terrible Parents Who Don't Even Help Kate Improve Her Behaviour
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Kate Ashby

    Edwina and William Smith are Kate Ashby's parents who were first introduced in Kate Ashby.

    They have more introduction and personality in a spinoff series called Little Kate Ashby.

    Why They're Terrible Parents Who Need To Be Contacted By Child Protective Services For Their Actions



    1. As usual with many Kate Ashby characters, they treat their daughter Kate very badly.
    2. Both of their character designs are terrible as usual with all of the characters as they look more like cereal boxes.
      • Additionally, their newer character designs are recycled from Little Kate Ashby in which the only change is their face having wrinkles to show that they are older than Kate. The creator could have also given them grey hair as it will make their elderly designs somewhat more realistic.
    3. They are voiced using TTS voices, which is a lazy way to provide voice acting.
    4. Unlike Eustace Bagge, they are considered to be Karma Houdinis as they don't get any comeuppances for abusing Kate Ashby whatsoever.

    Little Kate Ashby

    1. They are typical GoAnimate/Vyond parents as they ground their daughter Kate for various nonsensical reasons. Additionally, they repeat the word "grounded" when grounding their daughter and ground her for an unreasonable amount of time.
      • Ironically, the creator of the Kate Ashby series hates the Vyond Community, yet he makes Kate's parents act like typical GoAnimate/Vyond parents, which is a very hypocritical decision to make.
    2. They do not help Kate Ashby (who is referred to as Kate Smith) improve her behavior, which worsens their daughter's behavior, and results in their daughter doing crimes and going to jail for 25 years.
    3. They have terrible parenting, in which they tend to spank her (which is illegal in certain parts of the world) and they do not consider helping Kate calm down.
    4. Like Horrid Henry's parents, they tend to only approve of their younger daughter Lucy Smith, but worse than Horrid Henry's parents.
    5. They do not lock away their weapons in a safe place so Kate cannot get to them, this explains how Kate can use a gun, some bombs, and a knife. Meaning they should be arrested as well, for their part.
    6. Also, they tend to say that Kate should "grow up", even though she is clearly a child, and didn't fully grow up until the series finale (though she did still get beaten up again); children tend to act like this because of their age.


    1. In "Little Kate Ashby Breaks the Vase", instead of being nice to Kate and letting her off with a warning considering it was an accident, she grounds her for 2 months for something that was a complete accident.
    2. In "Little Kate Ashby Refuses to Go to School", she allows Kate to skip school rather than forcing her to go to school, which could result in her and her husband getting arrested by the police for child neglect.


    1. In "Little Kate Ashby Goes to the Pub", William abuses Kate and punishes her by not even giving her a drink, even though she states she's really thirsty, which is child neglect.
    2. He also let Edwina spank Kate, only for watching inappropriate shows and in "Little Kate Ashby Goes to The Beach", he spanks her for only simply sneaking out to go to the beach.

    The Only Redeeming Quality



    1. Because of how badly written they are, Edwina and William can be considered hilarious characters.


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