Edgar (The Aristocats)

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Edgar Balthazar
Edgar Balthazar.jpg
"All of them dollars..."
Gender: Male
Type: Greedy and Dimwitted Butler
Species: Human
Status: Shipped to Timbuktu, Mali
Media of Origin: Disney's the Aristocats'

Edgar Balthazar is the main antagonist of Walt Disney's 1970 animated film The Aristocats. He was the greedy butler to Madame Bonfamille, Duchess, and her 3 kittens. His goal was to inherit Madame's wealth and fortune, and he took away the cats to make sure of it.

Why He Intentionally Sucks

  1. He is pretty dumb and believes that the cats can control the wealth. which is obviously not true whatsoever.
  2. The only reason he was motivated to become the main antagonist of the movie is because of the aforementioned reason above. Not only does this mean that his motivation makes zero sense, but it is also boring to watch.
  3. He is pretty useless in a fight, as he was easily defeated in the final battle against the Alley Cats and then shipped off to Timbuktu.
    • This also makes his actions be pretty much all for nothing. If he was written better, his villainous behavior would contribute to something more important than just wanting the cats gone or something more than just wanting money.
  4. He is pretty much a forgettable villain, especially for how he is supposed to come off as entertaining and interesting.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He could be funny at times.
    • The way he gets trampled and antagonized by Napoleon and Lafayette with their comedic antics is very entertaining to watch. Especially since the dogs messing with Edgar give him what he deserved for his greed and backstabbing.
  2. It’s very clear we are supposed to hate him because of how dumb and needlessly evil he is.
  3. Despite being a tad bit idiotic, he has shown to be a bit cunning when he had to outsmart Napoleon and Lafayette in successful and clever ways, where he did get lucky enough to escape them.


  • During the development of the film, Edgar was originally going to have a sidekick named Elvira who would work with him, but was scrapped eventually.


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