Edgar (The Aristocats)

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Edgar Balthazar
Edgar Balthazar.jpg
"All of them dollars..."
Gender: Male
Type: Greedy and Dimwitted Butler
Species: Human
Status: Shipped to Timbuktu
Media of Origin: Disney's the Aristocats'

Edgar Balthazar is the main antagonist of Walt Disney's 1970 animated film The Aristocats. He was the greedy butler to Madame Bonfamille, Duchess and her 3 kittens. His goal was to inherit Madame's wealth and fortune, and he took away the cats to make sure of it.

Why He Sucks

  1. His role as a villain did not play out well, to the point where he couldn't even be considered a villain.
  2. He is pretty dumb, for he believes that the cats can control the wealth. That is not true, because he still will have control of the wealth, because the cats can't use it.
  3. The only reason he was motivated to become the main antagonist of the movie is because of the aforementioned reason above.
  4. He is pretty weak. For example, he was easily defeated in the final battle against the Alley Cats and then shipped off to Timbuktu.
  5. His actions were pretty much all for nothing.
  6. He is pretty much a forgettable villain.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. He could be funny at times.


  • During the development of the film, Edgar was originally going to have a sidekick, named Elvira, who would work with him, but was scrapped eventually.




12 months ago
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This is the first page that I made, so it may not look the best. If you have any pointers, put them in the comments.

And P.S. Has there ever been a page on this character before I wrote this page?

Anonymous user #1

11 months ago
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I liked this character.

Anonymous user #1

11 months ago
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😎 so hottie

Harrison Dye

9 months ago
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I agree, he is the most weakest villain in Disney history, he's probably the main reason why The Aristocats is considered one of Disney's weakest films.


8 months ago
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Aristocats is an abysmal film anyways.


6 months ago
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Personally, I thought the movie was good, but hey, it's your opinion.


2 months ago
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I don't get it. Is Aristocats a good or bad film? Should we put on greatest or awful movies wiki?


2 months ago
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I wonder if Edgar used to say "Why He's Loathsome" before, 'cause that would make much more sense by now.

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