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    Eddy Davenport
    Adam, Bree, Chase, Leo and especially Tasha all have pretty good reasons to have you permanently shut down.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Abusive A.I.
    Species: Robot
    Portrayed by: Will Forte
    Status: Alive (Imprisoned)
    Media of origin: Lab Rats
    First appearance: Crush, Chop & Burn
    Last appearance: Human Eddy

    "Okay, we need to shut that thing off."

    Leo Dooley-Davenport

    "And your "best friend" is a computer in the wall."

    Tasha Dooley-Davenport

    Eddy Davenport, mostly called Eddy in the 2012-2016 live-action sci-fi sitcom; Lab Rats, produced by Disney XD, is the security system built by Donald Davenport. Donald's main goal with him is to keep the house secure from invaders and keep his family safe. However, he inadvertently made him into a menace to society, acting like a mean-spirited machine with awful intentions.

    He is voiced by Will Forte, who also voiced/portrayed Chester V from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Principal Farquhare from The Cleveland Show, Doug from Strays and Shaggy Rogers from the movie, Scoob!

    Why He Should've Been Exterminated

    1. Right off the bat, this character doesn't act like a real piece of AI, due to him having feelings. While there are exceptions to this like Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot; who had at least some explanation for her actions of being a teen by her mother; Dr. Norene Wakeman respectively, while also being a machine to save the world. And the Announcer from Battle for Dream Island; while having no explanation, still looked interesting as a host and a machine with the functions he exposes now and then. As for Eddy, he has feelings of a human all of a sudden with no context to back it up. While yes, machines can be programmed to have feelings like us, they can never be 100% perfect. It goes too far that his mistakes aren't even excusable, because of his huge involvement of feelings.
      • This is further shown in his first appearance in "Crush, Chop & Burn", when he actually ate cake when Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo threw a party in Donald's house. This is shown in this photo, where there are remains of icing on his face. Alright, how can he eat cake? Does someone get a slab of cake for him so it can be shoved on his face, shoved into a USB hole or something?
    2. His face is downright creepy to see when he speaks, even by Disney XD standards.
    3. As stated in his biography, he tends to tease others in a mean manner, specifically the main cast. It is done in a way that while somewhat tolerable at first, becomes annoying as the series progresses.
      • He relishes the suffering of Adam, Bree and Chase in "Crush, Chop & Burn", by tormenting them at duty. Also, he teases Leo after he states that "He is everywhere...", when Leo questions if he sees him in the shower. To which he responds; "Nothing needs to be that clean, sport-o.", which looks perverted and pretty racist.
      • When Adam, Bree and Chase had to go to a training facility in said episode, he says his goodbyes to them as an absolute joke.
    4. Out of everyone, he teases Tasha the harshest.
      • He bullies Tasha because he thinks that she is replacing him. While it looks like he needs sympathy, it's pointless to give him any, since he is just being selfish in wanting Donald all to himself and not willing to share him with others, even from his own family.
    5. He always tries to manipulate Donald into getting what he wants, by acting like a crybaby and being the "innocent" one. Thankfully though, he does get rightfully punished when he does those things.
      • In "Crush, Chop & Burn", he lies to Donald that Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo yanked out his wires when in reality, it was just Adam who yanked his wires.
      • Other than these moments, he calls him daddy which just feels awkward.
    6. Hypocrisy....
      • He calls out Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo for being animals, while he acts just like an animal by pretending to not know right from wrong to excuse his teasing.
      • He states that he loves Donald or "Donny" as he says it. However, he teases him as much as the other characters, just to attract attention irritatingly. Now that isn't love at all!
    7. He acts pretty irresponsibly.
    8. If there is anything we should know about him other than these, is that he is 100% unsuitable to become a product.
    9. He never learns his lesson despite the number of times he is reprimanded and/or punished for his mistakes, making him a one-dimensional character with no relatability.
    10. Will Forte makes him sound irritable, aggravating, and obnoxious. So much so, that he almost has an identical voice to the Annoying Orange, the only difference being their tones.
    11. He is a very insecure system...
      • As mentioned in WHSBE# 3.1, he is everywhere, which means he can appear anywhere in the house at any time without considering anyone at all. This makes him unstable technology; since he acts like this, what more if he was put in a 5-star hotel?
      • He once hacked into the technology of the bionic island, in "Human Eddy" which is trespassing private property.
    12. In "Commando App", he has a crush on one of Davenport's computers; Edie. This is pretty much laughable since she is seen once, never had any actual chemistry with him, and was guaranteed to be blown up by Douglas in "No Going Back".
    13. What's more laughable, is that he seeks favoritism with just Donald (his creator) and Edie the female computer.
    14. There have been a few instances where he is just stuck to one facial expression without any lighting, making his appearance more like a piece of a strong but flat plastic face on a light bulb that's inside a prism that just exposes its flat side. Making it more like a picture frame with a face.
    15. His human counterpart is completely unsuitable for him, as he can't use it properly and doesn't have any character development.
    16. He is a ripoff of the Eds from Ed, Edd 'n Eddy, hence the name and role as a comic relief, without any of the charm that the three had.
    17. Just like Sergio Casagrande and Roger Smith, the latter that he pre-dates, he is basically just the scumbag of the family, having no full tolerable traits when compared to them.

    Secure Qualities

    1. Despite his face being creepy, the rest of his design looks cool, and original and does make sense.
      • The letter E is a whole new design that represents his body.
      • The D's are his eyes and by extension his mouth if he openly smiles or frowns.
      • And the Y is his suit, now that's clever.
    2. His startup screen is pretty original while simple, as the parts of his face slide in from left and right to initiate him.
    3. While Will Forte is annoying when portraying him, he still makes him look enjoyable from time to time, most notably when he receives comeuppance and/or when he laughs or screams depending on your opinion.
    4. He is pretty helpful at times as in the Bionic Showdown he helped Leo hack into Douglas's lair and secret weapon vault.
    5. Speaking of comeuppance, he always gets suitable consequences for his bad acts for the majority of his relevance, so he is thankfully not an Unwilling Weed Reaper.
      • Adam removed some parts to deactivate him from keeping them custody in "Crush, Chop & Burn".
      • He gets reprimanded by Donald for calling Tasha an "Intruder" in the same episode.
      • He gets his new body destroyed in "Missin' the Mission", to stop the fan from moving. Though he gets his installed back in Donald's house, he never gets his new body back.
      • He gets blown up by Douglas at the end of "No Going Back", much to Tasha's delight at the beginning of "Sink or Swim".
      • In "Human Eddy", his human version gets exploded by Perry and is later installed back into the wall with Perry as his new wall mate, to which he wails and begs the others to get him out to the enjoyment of Bree, Leo, Donald and the audience.
    6. His reveal as Will Forte in real life to represent his robotic human variant, is smart and is a nice change of pace despite the idea being unsuitable for the character.
    7. He thankfully didn't appear in Elite Force.


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