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    Eddie (Donkey Kong Country)

    Eddie the Mean Old Yeti
    "Go for Snow Cone?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Not-so-Mean Caveman
    Species: Yeti
    Portrayed by: Damon D'Oliveria
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Donkey Kong Country (TV series)

    Eddie the Mean Old Yeti, or just Eddie the Yeti or Eddie for short, is a recurring character on the Donkey Kong Country animated series. Eddie's model is a recolor of Donkey Kong's, as the two are identical besides their fur color and clothes. He is voiced by Damon D'Oliveira, who also voices mh:greatcharacters:Funky Kong in the show.

    Why He Should Not Go For A Snow Cone

    1. He is basically a recolor of Donkey Kong but with white fur, which is lazy. His model also features a hat instead of a necktie.
    2. He, along with Bluster Kong, are considered as the worst characters on the show, ince they are unnecessary additions that don't even appear in the games.
    3. He barely has little to no reasons to be on this show other than just to be a foil to the characters' plans.
    4. His voice by Damon D'Oliveira is very lackluster and dull.
    5. Misleading name: He has the word "mean" in his name and he is feared by everyone, even though he hasn't done anything that bad to warrant anyone to be frightened by him, nor is he a mean-spirited jerk to anyone.
    6. He is also very stupid.
    7. He barely receives any character development.
      • We don't know if he's an exile, a crazy hermit, or if he represents some lost branch of the Kong clan because of what his loneliness could imply about him.
    8. He somehow likes to keep everyone awake in Congo Bongo by banging his club loudly.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He, along with Bluster, don't appear in the Donkey Kong Country games.
    2. Despite the epithet, he is usually somewhat friendly, if very odd. But that sometimes can change on a dime due to his absentmindedness and stupidity.
    3. He does have his fair share of funny moments.
      • "Go for snow cone?"
    4. It doesn't seem like he was very smart or stable, to begin with, but it's heavily implied that living alone in the White Mountains has driven him crazy. Which can explain why he acts so strange.
    5. Despite being very lackluster and dull as mentioned above in WHSNGFSC#4, Damon D'Oliveira did do a good job voicing Eddie the Mean Old Yeti.


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