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    Ed Bighead
    "I hate my life."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Antagonistic Grouch
    Portrayed by: Charlie Adler
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Rocko's Modern Life

    Edward "Ed" Bighead is a main character from Rocko's Modern Life, serving as an antagonistic character and occasional anti-hero or complete villain throughout the series. He is the husband of Bev Bighead, the father of Rachel (né Ralph) Bighead, and the next-door neighbor of Rocko. He is voiced by Charlie Adler, who also voices Bev Bighead.

    Very Self-Centered Qualities

    1. Ed is shown to be bossy, nasty, hostile, malicious, bigoted (especially towards Christmas elves), entitled, rude, mean, belligerent, judgmental, antagonistic, unfriendly, petty, unethical, and grumpy, yet fears his wife Bev, and his boss Mr. Dupette, rendering him hypocritical.
    2. He is known to dislike Rocko, Spunky, Heffer, and Filbert, yells at anyone he sees, is unlikably antisocial, and grumbles bitterly under his breath at any situation he finds even slightly troubling, if not annoying.
    3. He is vengeful towards Rocko to the point of having done extensive research into his lifestyle habits in an attempt to build a heat ray to kill him.
    4. In the past, he has had a particularly poor relationship with his son Ralph, such as when he tried to pressure him to pursue business jobs at Conglom-O instead of cartooning, and when he came out as a transgender woman in "Static Cling" and he was initially unable to accept her new identity. They eventually made amends.
    5. In "Rocko's Modern Christmas", he sabotages Rocko's Christmas party by spreading false rumors about his new elf neighbors.
    6. Like Ed Bighead here, Robin on Teen Titans Go! acts the same way as this guy, due to his selfish and self-centered attitude.
    7. He is an early version of Eustace Bagge from Courage the Cowardly Dog and an early version of Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob SquarePants (but much meaner and antagonistic), like Eustace, Ed Bighead is no better.
    8. He made up a bunch of lies about Rocko in the episode "Ed Good, Rocko Bad" with the help of the Chameleon brothers, Chuck and Leon who later lied to him and he was put in the place for the stray dogs to roam free.
    9. In the movie Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling, he told Rocko off and was not gonna help him due to the fact his son, Ralph changed his gender to a girl named Rachel.
    10. Speaking of his son Ralph Bighead, he was so angry, disappointed, sad, and depressed about him not working at Conglom-O that he decided to disown him as his kid.

    Not So Self-Centered Qualities

    1. To be fair, he was made to be unlikable in the first place.
    2. Charlie Adler does a great job voicing him.
    3. When he was a kid, he was nicer and far less misanthropic than he is now.
    4. His design is somewhat appealing and fits his personality.
    5. He does get his share of comeuppances for his actions.
      • In Rocko's Modern Christmas, the little elf hits him hard in the knee with a hammer for spreading the rumors to ruin Rocko's party in the first place.
    6. Despite his grumpy and unpleasant personality, Ed is not without a soft side, and with help from Rocko and Bev, he is occasionally able to see the error of his ways.
      • In later episodes of the series, Ed is on better terms with Rocko and acts much more friendly (sometimes to a fault, such as in "Old Fogey Froggy"), which is most notable in "Static Cling", where he serves as one of the main protagonists and willingly aids Rocko in trying to get "The Fatheads" back after its cancelation.
      • His relationship with Bev, while occasionally antagonistic, is a lot more positive than any of his other relationships - the two are very affectionate and enjoy "games" like throwing plates and zorb ball chases.
    7. Ed Bighead does have a handful of likable and humorous moments that fit his character, and his nicer side is mostly to Rocko.
      • And besides, at least he isn't nowhere near as abusive to Rocko the same way his boss is.


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