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    Earth (Unusual Planets)
    "I don't believe in you!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Jerkass Earth
    Age: 4.543 billion years
    Species: Plant
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Crazy Planets

    Earth is one of the titular character in the YouTube series Unusual Planets by AumSum.

    Why He's Not Our Mother Earth

    1. He acts extremely unlikable towards the planets, even though they're being nice to him. In fact, he harasses most of the planets below:
      • In Why does Saturn have rings?, he believes that Saturn's rings were stolen and thus, he starts to hate him just because he has rings.
      • In How hot is the Sun?, he thinks that the Sun is not that hot despite the fact in the first episode, he literally got attacked by a solar flare.
      • In Why is Pluto NOT a Planet?, he starts to bully Pluto just because he believes in rumors about the Sun throwing him out of the solar system, which is just stupid and unreasonable.
      • What’s even worse is that he even bullies the moon in How big is Jupiter? as he quote-on-quote said that he’s the biggest planet in the solar system, despite the fact that he is literally with the outer planets.
    2. He gets really annoying when he shows off, as whenever he does show off, he immediately gets jealous of other planets that are better than him. One example of this is when he says that he has life just because he has the coolest personality and the hottest six back abs.
    3. When he bullies other planets, he makes up big lies and excuses in order to give a reason why he is bullying them.
    4. Even when the planets give him informative advice, he immediately shrugs it off and decides that they are lying to him despite the fact that the reasons they give are not at all fake. This overall makes him really stupid and not develop any character.
    5. As every video ends with him walking away from the scene, he comes across as a Karma Houdini as none of the planets come to punish him.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He occasionally gets his comeuppance, as one time the Sun spewed out his massive solar flare at him.
    2. His design is still decent.


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