Eagleator (Unikitty!)

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"Hey! He was trying to hug it out! Why do you hate friendship?!"
Gender: Male
Type: Eagle-Alligator Jerk
Species: Eagle-Alligator Hybrid
Portrayed by: Keith Ferguson
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Unikitty!

Eagleator is an antagonistic character in Unikitty!. Voiced by Keith Ferguson, he is the arch-rival of Hawkodile.

Bad Qualities

  1. He was somewhat an unnecessary addition to the cast in Action Forest, as he wasn’t intended to be one of the main characters.
  2. He is a very cruel character, for example, He took Hawkodile's shades for his betrayal in the flashback.
  3. He lashes out at people all the time.
  4. He started attacking Hawkodile for no reason at all in "The Unikingdom Awards".
  5. Much like Hawkodile, his design looks like a Transformers reject.
  6. Because of all of these reasons, he is considered one of the worst characters in Unikitty! alongside Master Frown and FeeBee.

Good Qualities

  1. We only had to deal with him in a few episodes.
  2. He got some karma for his actions in Action Forest, where Unikitty scolds him for not liking friendship.
  3. His design is good, despite what BQ#5 said.
  4. Keith Ferguson did a good job voicing him.
  5. He did improve slightly in Season 3, although not by much.


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