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Deputy Chief Dwayne T. Robinson is a minor character in the 1988 film Die Hard. He's a stubborn and stern policeman of the LAPD who is overseeing the Nakatomi Plaza takeover by Hans Gruber. Though he is of a high rank in the police department, he takes his job too cautiously and initially doesn't believe Al Powell's statements that they have an ally in saving the hostages.

Why He Sucks

  1. Even though he has a high ranking in the police department, he's incredibly stupid and terrible a detective in various ways:
    • When the dead body of one of Hans' men lands on a car, he assumes the man had committed suicide even though the body was clearly full of bullet holes.
    • When John McClane tries to warn Robinson about a trap laid by the gunmen, Robinson ignores McClane's warning, then complains about his men being covered in glass when John neutralizes two gunmen using explosives. Seriously, a praise of gratitude would be nice.
  2. He' tends to place his own thoughts over everyone else's as he continually assumes Powell is wrong, refuses to trust John McClane, and as mentioned above isn't nearly as smart as he sees himself as. Plus all of his constant attempts to help the heroes out just results in him slowing them down or making things worse.
  3. It seems as though his main purpose for existing is just to show off how skilled and amazing John McClane was. In fact, if the police had been better at their jobs, John wouldn't have nearly as much work to do, and the movie would be over quicker.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. To be fair, he did realize the tactical assault on the Nakatomi was a bad idea and tried to revoke it before the team gets mauled, but the tactical officer at the scene brushed him off.
  2. He did care about the lives of the hostages.
  3. Despite his ineptitude, he takes his job and the situation seriously.