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    Duke of Wellington (Blackadder the Third)

    Duke of Wellington
    "Hang on, this is bloody coffee! I ordered tea! You really are a confounded fool. Aren’t you? I’d heard everywhere that the Prince was an imbecile whereas his servant Blackadder was respected about town. Now that I discover the truth I’m inclined to beat you to death. TEA!!!" Since when did you say you wanted to order tea?!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Abusive Murderous Duke
    Age: Around 40
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Stephen Fry
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Blackadder the Third
    First appearance: Duel and Duality
    Last appearance: Blackadder: Back & Forth

    The Duke of Wellington is the main antagonist of the Blackadder the Third season finale, "Duel and Duality". He is based on Arthur Wellesley who was the real life Duke of Wellington. In the episode, he came to have a duel with The Prince Regent


    The Duke of Wellington, portrayed as a loud, bellowing and bellicose warmonger with a tendency towards casual violence aimed at the serving classes (in particular the incompetent and buffoonish Prince Regent, who was then disguised as his own butler). Wellington grew to admire the 'Prince' (in reality Blackadder), declaring him to be "a man of wit and discretion". Eventually he kills the real Prince Regent, thinking he is a butler, meaning Blackadder takes the Prince's throne.

    In Blackadder: Back & Forth, he is just about to tell the Duke of Darling his battle plan for the Battle of Waterloo when he is crushed by Edmund and his time machine.

    This accident causes the British to lose the Battle of Waterloo. Blackadder then steals his boots (to claim his £10,000) and heads off to a different time. When Blackadder realises his mistake, he comes back dodging the Duke and instead wishes him luck in the battle.

    Why He Should've Lost the Duel

    Note: This will only how he was in the Blackadder the Third episode "Duel and Duality". His other appearance in "Blackadder: Back and Fourth" is okay.

    1. He is a very abusive and mean spirited duke who abuses the faux-Blackadder (Prince Regent) and attempted to murder the faux-Prince Regent (Blackadder).
    2. Whenever the faux-Blackadder (Prince Regent) appears, he always mean-spirited abuses and shouts at him, like he's his servant. This isn't Wellington, you maniac! These aren't your servants, you don't get to abuse them whenever you want!
    3. He believes the only way to win isn't by good leadership tactical ability, but by shouting at your servants, when it is not even true.
    4. He takes things too seriously, like when the faux-Blackadder (Prince Regent) called him a lord, He started hitting him for and tells him he is a duke instead of a lord.
    5. He angrily scolds and abuses the faux-Blackadder (Prince Regent) because he gave him coffee instead of tea, even though he never told him to get his tea.
    6. He was even worse with the faux-Prince Regent (Blackadder) as he was about to kill him in a duel during the episode.
    7. In the final scene, he goes too far, as the faux-Blackadder revealed himself to be the real Prince Regent, he not only disbelieved him, but he latered murdered him by shooting him, which is considered homicide!!!
      • What's even worse is that, after he killed him. Blackadder took his place as the Prince Regent from now on. Meaning, not only did he aided a butler, but aided an impostor!!!
    8. He literally gets zero comeuppance for killing the real Prince Regent and letting Blackadder into the throne. Making him a Karma Houdini.

    Redeeming Conditions

    1. He can be good for those dislike the Prince Regent, because he did get his comeuppance for his egoistic and idiotic personality, even though it was executed poorly.
    2. "TEA!!!"
    3. Stephen Fry did a nice performance as the Duke of Wellington.
    4. His appearance in "Blackadder: Back and Fourth" was better as he was not abusing his own soldiers.
      • In his first scene, he was accidentally killed by Blackadder when the time machine fell on him, which is very sastifying because he got his comeuppance for his murderous actions in that season finale of Blackadder the Third. Although, this does not kick him out of the Karma Houdini category, plus he was later revived near the end of the special.


    • In an interview with Hugh Laurie, the actor who portrayed the Prince Regent, he did not like the scene where the Duke of Wellington demonstrates how hard he punched the faux-Blackadder (Prince Regent), because his partner, Stephen Fry, who portrayed the Duke of Wellington, didn't seemed to make his punch fake, one of Fry's punches really hit Laurie hard enough.
    • The performance of the Duke of Wellington inspired the role for General Melchett in "Blackadder Goes Fourth".


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