Drake (The Pebble and the Penguin)

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"Wake up and smell the seaweed, you little fool! Nobody's going to marry a loser like you!"
Gender: Male
Type: Perverted Alpha Bastard
Age: Adult (Unspecified; though presumably between 20's - 30's)
Species: Penguin
Portrayed by: Tim Curry
Status: Deceased
Media of Origin: The Pebble and the Penguin

"You big bully!"

Drake is the main antagonist of the 1995 Don Bluth animated film The Pebble and the Penguin. He is the archenemy of Hubie.

Why He Intentionally Sucks

  1. Let’s get the elephant out of the room, he is just another Alpha Bastard AKA Mean Popular Boy, whose main character trait is that he's a flat tough guy archetype.
    • Speaking of that, he has no explanation of bullying Hubie other than the fact that they’re both competing for Marina’s affections, which makes his hatred for him even more pathetic.
  2. He's a shameless knock off of both Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and Bowser from the Super Mario series, as all three of them want to have the leading lady all to themselves and wouldn’t hesitate to kill the heroine's love interest so he can have her.
    • In the case with the former, every female in the movie, except for Marina, adores him.
  3. While his design is attractive, his body proportions, in particular, are rather human-like for a penguin like him, most notably his overly prominent teeth and mesomorphic build containing large pecs and an extremely slender waist, which is remarkably unrealistic for male body type standards, to the point of generating an uncanny appearance.
  4. Inappropriate scene for a G-Rated movie (see at 5:31), as he grabs his pecs before fighting Hubie.
  5. He gets lustful feelings for Marina and he only wants her to be his mate all because she’s the most beautiful girl penguin in the whole rookery, rather than for who she is, unlike Hubie, who genuinely loves Marina.
  6. He even goes as far as to threatening Marina's life and kidnapping her in the climax by means of tirelessly forcing Marina to be his mate despite her protests.
  7. Not to mention when Marina rejected Drake when he tried to propose to her, Drake thought Marina was joking when she said No to being his mate, which proves his inability to accept No for an answer. Drake, what part of "No means No" do you not understand?
  8. Drake's fate (crushed to death by a huge boulder from his tower) is too harsh for a G-rated film, even without blood, but to be fair, his fate serves as his just desserts for his actions. (See RQ #4 for more details).
  9. Despite being the main antagonist, he only has six minutes of screen time, as most of the film focuses on Hubie and Rocko's journey home to Antarctica.
  10. His and Marina's relationship looks way too similar to the relationship between Belle and Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, as well as Bowser and Princess Peach in the Super Mario series of games. (WHS #2)
  11. Hypocrisy: He snarls at his servants to get them to stop laughing, yet he encouraged them to laugh their heads off with him.
  12. Due to all of these qualities, he can qualify as a Gary Stu.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Tim Curry did an amazing job voicing him.
  2. As said before, his character design, despite taking the anthropomorphism to the moon, is attractive.
  3. "Don’t Make Me Laugh!"
  4. He received his comeuppance in the end when he gets killed from being crushed by the entire tower (even if his death is really harsh for a G-rated film even without blood, as stated in WHS #8)
    • Not only does he not end up with Marina, but Hubie gets with Marina instead of Drake, as well as becoming her mate at the end.
  5. He is clearly supposed to be disliked as the callous, abusive pervert that he is.


  1. Possibly due to the film's high amount of anthropomorphism, Drake (along with the other penguins) has teeth and fingers. This is odd because in real life, penguins do not have any of these.
  2. It was never revealed what species of penguin Drake belongs to unlike Hubie and Rocko. However, given his size and lure, he may be an Emperor Penguin.


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