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    Dr. Warpnik (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)

    Dr. Warpnik
    "My 'ol dear cousin Robotnik, banished me here years ago!" *crying* "He said I was a loony!" *more crying* "Me? Can you imagine?" *cackling maniacally* "Besides! He didn't like all my sweet little fishy wishies!!" *constantly kisses the fish he's holding onto*
    Gender: Male
    Type: Obnoxious Scientist
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: French Tickner
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

    Doctor Warpnik is a minor character that appears in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a nerdy inventor and the cousin of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who banished him to the Warp of Confusion for being insane.

    He only made a single appearance in the episode, "Trail of the Missing Tails", and was never heard of again.

    Why He's a Loony

    1. Unlike Dr. Robotnik, he is way too freakish, overdramatic, and unsettling to be a charmingly crazy character.
    2. He is implausibly annoying because of his overtly crazed behavior, over-the-top actions, and his incredibly hoarse voice. This easily ruins the episode he was just featured in.
    3. He acts so extremely weird and off-putting, that he even freaks out and frustrates Robotnik, who banished him to the Warp of Confusion in disgust.
    4. He's so psychotic that he is prone to tons of excessive rambling, has a downright creepy obsession with fish, bursts into multiple fits of maniacal laughter, and generally acts insane in a rather disturbing way instead of a funny/hilarious way.
    5. Speaking of his obsession with fish, he either treats them like love objects to make out with; which has some very sexual undertones (which is basically zoophilia since he is human), he'd use them as a form of transportation, or he uses them as the go-to method of attacks by smacking people with live fish (which means he physically abuses them too, resulting in Warpnik being an animal abuser as well).
      • He even placed one inside his ear after he told Sonic to be quiet. When the fish appears back on his glove after Sonic's reaction was played over Warpnik making an expression, it's slightly hinted that it came out of his mouth. Which is really disgusting.
    6. His lispy voice, thanks to French Tickner, is extremely grating, to a greater extent than Scratch, Grounder, or Coconuts as prime examples of characters who have voices that viewers can find irritating or displeasing to listen to, but Warpnik takes the cake for having the most obnoxious voice.
      • The worst offenders to his voice are his acts of yelling, laughing, and crying.
    7. His character design is rather confusing as a cartoony "human", where his reddish face along with his floating, shapeshifting wig makes him seem like a Dr-Seuss-inspired type of alien instead of a human.
      • Not to mention that it seems to be some bizarro copy of Dr. Robotnik himself. The reason for this is how he has a similarly comma-shaped head to go along with his exaggerated face, has cartoonishly evil elements to his personality, and is also a mad scientist. The only difference is that, unlike his bloated cousin, Dr. Warpnik is a tall spindly figure.
      • Because of his ugly design, there are some nightmarishly over-the-top scenes of him being clinically insane. An example of this is him laughing like a maniac when he meets Sonic as it cuts to a trippy scene of a warping background with his head while laughing in a very loud, creepy way. This gets very cringe-worthy to watch.
    8. Idiotic moves: He has a whole subplot of wanting to get revenge over Robotnik for being banished, despite this, his incentive for wanting to hold Sonic and Tails captive as his prisoners doesn't make any sense. Why focus on capturing Tails as his prisoner in an attempt to get Sonic and Robotnik's attention, when his original goal was to escape and get back at Robotnik for banishing him in some surreal world filled with fish?
      • If he had a plan to escape, why didn't he just do that already instead of attempting to keep Tails hostage and then guilt-trip Sonic with his backstory for why he wanted revenge? Probably he was just simply too much of a loon to do just that, which could explain why he ends up not succeeding at simply resolving this or not simply walking out of the gate that Sonic walked into, but it's also insulting to crazy people, even the mentally ill are not that stupid!
      • Speaking of which, his sole existence is to be a villainous plot device, but not only did the episode have no real reason to happen since it was just that nonsensical and full of plotholes, Dr. Warpnik's backstory and random motives to kidnap Tails just further shows how pointless that episode was.

    Redeeming Qualities That Aren't A Loony

    1. Some people may find him entertaining to watch, much like Robotnik's mother.
    2. His expressive hair (or possibly a wig) that floats above his head and frequently shifts into shapes to emphasize his moods or thoughts, is rather creative.
    3. Robotnik understandably gets to make insults like calling him a "fish fondling fruitcake" and "worthless wimp", along with Robotnik getting back at him in violent ways too, which is satisfying to watch. Especially since it is completely warranted for how annoying Warpnik is.
      • Sonic gets to point out how Warpnik's backstory was getting tedious and just wanted to save his friend instead of listening to his boring backstory.



    • His name is a play on the two words; warping and Robotnik (or even a badnik).


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