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    Dr. Erwin Armstrong (The Boss Baby: Family Business)

    Dr. Erwin Armstrong (The Boss Baby: Family Business)
    Babies are gonna rule the world one day, and that day is coming sooner than you think.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Hypocritical powerful villain wannabe who thinks he's smarter than everyone else
    Age: Baby
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jeff Goldblum
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Boss Baby: Family Business

    Dr. Armstrong is the main antagonist of The Boss Baby: Family Business. He is the founder of The Acorn Center (Tabitha's school) but in real he is a scheming and smart baby who plans to get rid of parents and rules.

    Why He's The Generic Villain To End All Generic Villains

    1. Similar to Jimmy Crystal from Sing 2 (which came out 5 months prior), to get the baby out of the crib, he is a very boring and generic villain that only cares about his reputation, doesn't want anybody making him look like a fool, doesn't want parents to boss and telling babies what to do.
    2. His motivation to get rid of adults all around the world using their phone apps and making babies take over the world is completely nonsensical and more flawed than Francis E Franics' motivation to replace babies with puppies from the first movie and other Boss Baby villains with really stupid motivations, even by DreamWorks Animation villain standards for many reasons, even to the point where he makes other bad DreamWorks villains like Guy Gagne from Turbo, Ms. Grunion from Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Makunga from Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Prince Charming (Shrek the Third only) and especially Francis E. Francis look more threatening and well written by comparison.
      • First off, babies are known to be the weakest out of a human lifespan since there are hazards all over the world that babies could get injured or killed, as if that weren't enough, they could even die from neglect due to the lack of their parents' support and safety, possibly lead to the end of humanity if generations of humans died off, especially considering the fact that he had cameras around the babies' room so he could spy on them when he could've just simply build some robots or even hired some adults to supervise the babies just in case anything happens to them.
      • Second, if babies take over the world, they will soon age up to adults in years (if they survived the hazards or neglect) with troublemaking skills and lack of intelligence due to the lack of safety knowledge and support from the adults.
      • Third, if he teaches children (including babies) at his school, then why does he only want babies to turn bad by getting rid of their parents, when the children at his school also have parents to be supportive and yet he doesn’t do anything with the children (aside from the Templeton children which he tried to kill them to prevent them from stopping adults getting brainwashed all over the world) right after their parents were brainwashed by their phones through an app, he created which just goes to show not only his motivation is completely nonsensical and dangerous, but also how hypocritical Dr Armstrong really is when it comes to children with parents. Sound familiar?
      • If anything, he feels more like a rejected Saturday morning TV cartoon villain as well as being more suited for bad cartoon shows like Mega Babies rather than an actual DreamWorks Animation movie villain.
      • Even Prince Charming from Shrek the Third, while being flanderized compared to the second Shrek film, has a justified motivation to take over Far Far Away with the fairy tale villains due to the death of his mother, Fairy Godmother, and be the new king of the kingdom when compared to this villain with a very nonsensical and hypocritical motivation.
    3. Aside from his motivation, he’s totally a huge hypocrite even without his villains plan, especially since he tends to say that he's smarter than everyone else, yet he can be very dumb at times like thinking that Precious is a dog or a cat when he’s clearly a pony in the climax and his plan to get rid of parental rules from the babies’ parents just so that they can't tell babies what to do, even though he clearly has rules for his students at school, how hypocritical can this villain get.
    4. The climax between the Templeton children and him is just a lazy rehash of the climax from Penguins of Madagascar, only with humans, set in a school, and had more filler than that climax, the only reason why the climax was so dragged out is just serves as an attempt for the writers to make him a powerful villain that could surpass other way better DreamWorks villains like Drago and Lord Shen.
    5. He’s basically a bootleg copy of Professor Poopypants from the Captain Underpants movie (which, ironically both movies are made by DreamWorks) since both characters are intelligent teachers who wants to get rid of something around the world (laughter and adults) by brainwashing people and have children as their sidekicks (Melvin Sneedly and the babies), expect without the charm that makes Poopypants a great villain with a justified backstory where he was made fun out of at an award show due to his name compared to Armstrong who has a very nonsensical backstory about why he doesn’t want parents to be in babies way.
    6. He’s also shown to be cringeworthy as well, such as the scene where he, in his baby form, dancing with the brainwashed adults at the play before attacking the Templeton children.
    7. His backstory on why he doesn’t want parents to be in his way is not just cliched, but also very stupid and pathetic, as he runs away from home to found a school just because he’s more smarter than his parents, even though he’s still a baby, if so, then he could've gotten himself in a dangerous situation since babies are known to be the weakest of the human lifespan, also if police could’ve found him running away without any adult supervision and take him back to his parents under maximum house arrest so that he couldn't run away from his house, then none of the events of this sequel would've happened, showing that he’s a very nonsensical villain in any DreamWorks Animation movie.
    8. The plot-twist where he is actually a baby who doesn’t age the entire time is very poorly executed and weak, especially considering his nonsensical backstory and motivation, in fact, the plot twist could’ve been better if it was more fleshed out if it weren’t for those two topics we're already mentioned.
    9. Overall, he’s considered a generic doomsday villain due to all these reasons above, even more than Francis E Francis from the first movie.
    10. He once committed animal abuse as he was throwing Precious, a pony out of his school calling him a dog and cat during the climax, despite being intelligent enough to know every animal.
    11. His baby form is a bit ugly and uncanny in comparison to his robot adult design and the other characters.
    12. Aside from getting punished by Tina, He most of the time never gets any comeuppance for his actions, most notably for brainwashing the adults, making his redemption at the end of the film very rushed and weak.
    13. While Jeff Goldblum does a good job, his voice can be really annoying to listen to.
    14. He’s extremely lazy when it comes to days at his school since all he does is sitting in his office, eating candy and drinking soda all day instead of teaching or helping his students which is extremely unhealthy and could give him diabetes in real-life.
    15. Even though he’s the founder of the school, he’s very stupid when it comes to school restrictions such as the water sprinklers being turned off to prevent water damage on school property (including the computer inside the tree), which is outright stupid, especially since people at his school going to deal directly when there’s a fire even without the water sprinkler system, or spying the babies in the activity room with cameras instead of adult supervision just in case anything bad happened to them like bullying or injuries, further making his motivation even more dangerous to the babies.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He does run a nice school called the Acorn Centre, despite being stupidly strict towards the school.
    2. Jeff Goldblum does a good job voicing him, even though very annoying to listen to.
    3. Despite getting off Scott free for his actions and his redemption being very weakly rushed, the scene where he reunites with his parents is heart-warming.
    4. The way he gets defeated by the Templeton children by exposing everyone that he’s a baby in the climax actually gives him comeuppance for his nonsensical and hypocritical actions.


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