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    "Don't let your kids watch this!" - Robbie Rotten

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    Reason: Strong language and sexual violence.

    "I ain't gonna be no one's b***h, b***h! Check it!"

    Dewey Dewson, better known by his stage name, Dr. D, is a rapper and a gangster. He is one of the 7 contestants from the stop motion adult animated series Life's a Zoo.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He's just a stereotypical gangster/rapper who's "in the hood".
    2. He lied about his identity, as he claimed to have "kept it real from day one".
      • He stabbed himself with his switchblade. (Live And Let Diet)
      • He lost a rap battle to Chi-Chi. (Dr D Plays House)
      • Due to being alone in an extended period of time, he broke character and started to cry. (Big Brother, Where Are Thou)
      • According to Bobbie and his mom, his real name is Dewey Dewson and he isn't really a gangster, as he's actually a very respectful former shoe store owner. (Truth or Consequences)
    3. He claimed to be a "sexually experienced gangster", but failed to woo Chi-Chi and Minou.
    4. He had sex with Morreski while he was sleeping, thinking he was Chi-Chi, thus making him a rapist. (Scared Shirtless)
    5. He pissed off Morreski by insulting his mother, saying Rico was so ugly that he made his mom look like a "motherfucking prom queen", causing him to get beaten up by Morreski as a result. (Random Acts of Niceness)
    6. While Ray and Chi-Chi were having sex, Dr. D thought Ray was trying to kidnap her, and so he kicked his ass. (It's Not Easy Being Chi)

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He did stop acting like a stereotypical gangster.
    2. At least he isn't as bad as Jake Oswalt.
    3. Despite being a violent, egotistical asshole, he can be funny at times.
    4. His music video.
    5. He exposed the truth about Bobbie in the episode "Truth or Consequences".


    • Dr. D is the only contestant at Life's a Zoo who is a bird.
    • He is voiced by Joseph Motiki.
    • He is also the second shortest contestant of Life's a Zoo, after Jake.
    • He doesn't get a lot of screen time compared to the other contestants.


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