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    Dr. Binocs
    "Nevermind!" - His overused quote.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Cringeworthy "Doctor"
    Age: Unknown; most likely old
    Species: Binoculars
    Portrayed by: Unknown
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Dr. Binocs Show

    Dr. Binocs is the titular protagonist of The Dr. Binocs Show. He is a professor doctor like type whose only known lore is that he apparently was a famous explorer's binoculars who was stolen from his tomb.

    Neverminded Qualities

    1. He is a rather cringe-worthy and hip character; the creators most likely thought they would make him look cool, but he rather wasn't. The season 2 trailer definetly proved this.
    2. His quotes "Zooming in!", "Zooming out!", and "Nevermind!" get old and annoying fast. And other than that, he still says dumb stuff, like "Would you like something healthy, like broccoli, or something nutritious, like, umm.... broccoli?" in one episode.
    3. Speaking of "Nevermind!", the running gag of him saying that is rather cringe-worthy and unfunny, and sometimes even used in the wrong context (even though he's always referring to him zooming out), for example, in "What If Earth Was Knocked Out Of It's Orbit?", he sees Kitty Kat making a shelter because he's paranoid of a sun coming into the solar system, and he laughs, though paranoia is not funny.
    4. For some reason, he always has a cheesy smile, even when he's talking about serious things like whales exploding or even death.
    5. From about the fourth season onwards, he is also for some reason treated as somewhat of a butt-monkey as he is constantly having things awry (usually because of Kitty Kat), yet you can never feel for him due to how poorly written he is, with some examples being:
      • At the end of "What If You Stopped Brushing Your Teeth?", his teeth fall out. Yes, really.
      • At the beginning of "What If You Swallowed A Fruit Seed?", he gets a black eye when Kitty Kat spits all over him. At the end, he gets another one when Kitty Kat spits out a watermelon seed.
      • At the end of "What Causes Conjunctivitis?"...he gets conjunctivitis [pinkeye].
    6. His lore is wrong in The Baby Binocs Show, as apparently he has a family, despite being "stolen from his tomb".
    7. His voice acting is aggravating, He often mispronounces stuff as well, with major examples being "obesity", "intestine", and "oesophagus". Granted, he speaks Indian English, which is based on British English, though he uses a lot of American English.
    8. Despite claiming to be a doctor, he struggles to actually do anything doctor like. And as a baby, he had a human doctor.
    9. He even compares and exaggerates stuff just to get the point across, and it not only fails, but makes him pretty mean-spirited. Many examples include:
      1. In "What If You Stopped Brushing Your Teeth?", he literally said: "Or worst, plaque can damage your teeth so much that they can eventually fall off, making you feel shy and embarrassed during those selfie sessions with your friends!", clearly trying to persuade that if your teeth rot, your selfies will be at risk, which is a horrible way to teach kids to brush their teeth.
      2. In "What If You Stopped Washing Your Hair?", after someone loses all their hair after not washing it and cries as a result, he says: "Well, 'you won't need to wash your hair after that! Haha!".
    10. His design, while somewhat passable in certain areas, is pretty weird in other places, especially with the aforementioned cheesy smile he usually has.

    Goodminded Qualities

    1. Season 1 is probably the season where he is most tolerable.
    2. He at least teaches decent facts.
    3. As mentioned above in WH'sN#12, his design is somewhat passable in certain areas.
    4. Dr. Binocs can be likable and hilarious at times.


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