Dora Márquez (seasons 5-8)

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Dora Márquez
"C'mon amigos, let's go exploring!" No we won't, because you're too annoying now.
Gender: Female
Type: Annoying, Stupid, and Unfunny exploring girl
Age: 7
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Kathleen Herles
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Dora the Explorer

Dora Márquez is the main titular protagonist of the Nick Jr's 2000 flash animated children's TV series Dora the Explorer.

Sadly, she suffered a bad case of flanderization in Seasons 5-8.

Why She Won't Explore Anywhere Now

  1. To start off, her voice sounds very annoying to listen to for some listeners.
  2. Every time she repeats the same question to the viewer, it gets very annoying.
  3. Similar to the seasons 9-14 and movie counterpart of Barney the Dinosaur, she was flanderized just because she didn't teach children the right things.
  4. In the episode "Boots' First Bike", she was always trading too much to find Boots the right bike.
  5. Hypocrisy: In the same episode of the 5th season, she said that she wanted to help Boots to find him a new bike. Yet, she didn't do the same thing as her past look.
  6. She doesn't allow any villain in the show to be punished no matter what they do, making herself look immature and unrealistically forgiving.
  7. While she was exploring random places without her parents' permission, why does she get help from the viewers to find her goals?
  8. The Backpack song with her pals gets very annoying at times.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sometimes, she was still very helpful with some people.
  2. Her voice also sounds very nice.
  3. Some questions she asks the viewers can always be very nice for them.
    • And not to mention, she wasn't repeating the same questions over and over again in some episodes.


  • Similar to Barney the Dinosaur, she was flanderized along with him in some seasonal rots.



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