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    Dora Márquez (seasons 5-8)

    Dora the Explorer (seasons 5-8)
    "C'mon amigos, let's go exploring!" No we won't, because you're were annoying back then.
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Annoying Side of Dora/The true reason why this character is hated
    Age: 7 (Season 5)
    8 (Seasons 6-8)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Kathleen Herles (2000-2007)
    Caitlin Sanchez (2008-2012)
    Fatima Ptacek (2012-2019)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Dora the Explorer

    Dora Márquez is the main character and hostess of the Dora the Explorer franchise. She is a heroic Latina girl who embarks on countless adventures in every episode in order to find something or help somebody in need.

    While she was in character in the first four seasons of the show, she was badly flanderized in seasons 5-8 to the point of being mostly hated, but eventually redeemed herself in Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

    Malas Cualidades (Bad Qualities)

    1. To start off, her voice sounds very annoying to listen to for some listeners.
      • Her voice is average in these seasons, as Kathleen Herles did not reprise her role as the character.
      • It doesn't help that she speaks very slowly (as do the other characters in these seasons), to the point that if you watch an episode on YouTube or another website, you'll most likely think the speed is slower.
    2. Every time she repeats the same question to the viewer, it will most likely get very annoying.
      • To be honest, in seasons 1-4 this happens too, but it's occasional. Also, combining this flaw with the others will most likely make Dora easier to hate.
      • The Backpack song with her pals gets very annoying at times.
    3. She has been flanderized and has no personality other than being a girl who explores the world.
    4. In the episode "Boots' First Bike", she was always trading too much to find Boots the right bike.
    5. Hypocrisy: In the same episode as BQ#4, she said that she wanted to help Boots find a new bike but she didn't do the same thing as her past look.
    6. She doesn't allow any villain in the show to be punished no matter what they do, making the villains karma houdinis and making herself look very immature and unrealistically forgiving.
    7. While she was exploring random places without her parents' permission, why does she get help from the viewers to find her goals?
    8. She can be a Mary Sue at times, especially in these seasons.

    Buenas Cualidades (Good Qualities)

    1. Sometimes, she was still very helpful with some people.
    2. She was a much better character in the first four seasons and has massively redeemed herself in Dora and the Lost City of Gold.
    3. Some questions she asks the viewers can always be very nice for them.
      • She's still likable, if you ignore the fact of her lack of personality and her annoying voice, and there are still a handful of episodes where she is likable and has her original personality.
    4. Depending on your view, her design is still very cute and iconic in these seasons.
    5. She's still very optimistic.

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