Doom (Fantastic Four, 2015)

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"There is no Victor, only Doom." or "Crash test Doomy".

Victor Von Doom is the main antagonist of the 2015 superhero Marvel film reboot Fantastic Four (2015) (or Earth-TRN554). He comes from Latveria and is one of the scientists working on the Quantum Gate, eventually succumbing to a source on Planet Zero that turns him into the villain Doom.

He was portrayed by Toby Kebbell.

Why There Is No Victor Nor Doom, There Is Only Crash Test Doomy

  1. Unlike his comic book counterpart he's based on, this version of Doom barely gets any personality or motive behind his actions and he wants to blow up the world for unexplained reasons. Also, Dr. Doom was in anti-villain in the comics, and turning him into a full-fledged villain without an explanation is wrong on so many levels.
    • In the comics, he was a college rival of Reed Richards before he got his elastic powers as Mr Fantastic, in the movie, he is now like a computer geek.
  2. His character design isn't even accurate to his source material and instead we get a walking piece of a black solid crash test dummy wearing a robe that looks like it was made out of garbage bags. Seriously, it's the least faithful comic book character, since Deadpool as Weapon XI from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  3. This film's trying so hard to be dark, gritty and realistic, but for some reason Victor von Doom is still his real name which makes no sense at all.
  4. His powers aren't even original and is just telepathy to kill people and unleashing an energy beam
  5. He barely gets any screentime in the film and only shows up during the third act when the film has around 20 minutes left, which is one of the main reasons the film was poorly received.
  6. Toby Kebbell's performance isn't very good. (although it's not as bad as the other actors' performances.)
  7. He gets a weird and pointless Ghostbusters reference.
  8. Apparently, Doctor Doom dying is the only thing that would stop Planet Zero, and it's never explained how he had created the black hole.
  9. Idiot Move: Why couldn't Doom have defeated the Fantastic Four using his head explosion powers?
  10. During the final battle, he ended up getting defeated by the central characters by getting punched in the face.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. During filming, Doom's civilian identity was renamed as "Victor Domashev" for no apparent reason. Due to the fans' backlash over the decision, the reshoots changed his name to "Victor von Doom", Doctor Doom's civil identity in the comic books, which at least was accurate to the original character.
  2. He is a nice person to the Pre-Fantastic Four before their transformations.
  3. While Toby Kebbell's performance isn't very good, he does sound good as the character.