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The Dokis (Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika)are the main characters (alongside MC) of Doki Doki Literature Club's mod, Loser MC. They tortured MC (Main Character or the player) for no reason and treated him with no respect only because he is a fan of anime.

Why Their Club Doesn't Deserve Any More Members

  1. Like said in the description, the Dokis are completely out of character, going from people who were looking for new members for the literature club into bullies who treat MC like he is the worst person to exist.
  2. They are also flanderized into the mean popular girl type.
  3. They all hate MC just because he is obsessed with anime, which proves they cannot handle different people.
  4. They are basically the Doki Doki Literature Club version of Gene, except more poorly written and unlikeable.
  5. They act more like losers than MC despite this game being called Loser MC.
  6. They light up with happiness if MC decides to leave the club, or get sadder if he decides to stay, showing how much they hate him.
  7. They receive no punishment for their actions, making them Karma Houdinis.

Why Sayori Sucks

  1. She is completely out of character, going from a cheery girl who actually has depression into a bully who tortures MC like every day.
  2. Because of her action, MC has been tortured by the Dokis when he first went to the literature club.
  3. She called MC a weeb despite the fact that they were born in Japan since the game takes place in Japan. (Weeb is basically calling non-Japanese who were obsessed with Japanese culture).
  4. Hypocrisy: She hates MC for his obsession with anime yet she has absolutely no problem with her friend Natsuki liking manga, which is also related to Japan.
  5. When MC wanted to change his behavior, she still belittles him and went as far as kicking him out of the club (she is the vice president of the literature club), thus ruining his reputation.
  6. When Yuri called her out for being mean to MC, she apologized for being mean to him but after a while, she started bullying MC over again.

Why Natsuki Sucks

  1. She is also out of her character as well. Going from a sour attitude girl who actually has a nice heart into a complete bully.
  2. She called MC a weeb when they first met each other, proving that she judges books by their covers.
  3. She is a hypocrite. She claims that she hates manga yet she keeps a set of manga in the school closet.
  4. She became meaner to MC than she was in the original game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Monika and Yuri, despite being unlikable are a bit nicer to MC despite the fact that they hate his attitude.
  2. Yuri gives MC a tip on how to change his behavior, which is nice of her.
  3. To be fair, MC does deserve to be punished due to the fact that he did not hang out much with Sayori for no apparent reason.
  4. Sayori does have a point that MC should not be wasting his time on anime and games.


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