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    "Doña Nieves, rheumatic old hag"

    Doña Nieves is a character from the Mexican series El Chavo del Ocho, played by Maria Antonieta de Las Nieves. She had her first appearance in 1977 in a flashback, but she became a regular character in 1979 after Ramón Valdez left the cast. She is known for being the grandmother of Don Ramón and also the great-grandmother of La Chilindrina (the character with whom she shares the same actress).

    Malas Cualidades (Bad Qualities)

    1. Just like Jaimito, the character was notoriously introduced as a replacement for Don Ramón in 1979, which caused a decline in quality in the series, as many fans consider Don Ramón to be the best character on the show.
    2. The character is practically a rip-off of her great-granddaughter as an elderly woman. Even her granddaughter's jerk and crybaby behaviour is imitated.
    3. She proves to be a jerk to all the characters, including even El Chavo and her great-granddaughter sometimes.
    4. Despite being introduced to be the legal guardian of La Chilindrina in the absence of Don Ramón, the character does not have the same charm as her grandson.
    5. While many fans missed La Chilindrina in the cartoon, none of the fans missed Doña Nieves in the cartoon.
    6. In the episode "Los Locos y la Cruz Roja", she lies to Doña Florinda saying that Señor Barriga is called "Florinda of Crazy Women" and helps Florinda to attack Barriga.
    7. While Maria Antonieta de las Nieves does a pretty good performance as Doña Nieves, is not as great as her acting as La Chilindrina.

    Buenas Cualidades (Good Qualities)

    1. It is good to see Doña Florinda receiving karma from Doña Nieves, after several seasons in which Florinda used to torture the life of her grandson Don Ramón.
      • Speaking of which, she is the only character, apart from Chilindrina and Doña Clotilde, that is not afraid to stand up to Doña Florinda.
    2. She demonstrated to care about El Chavo's job in the episode "Ayuda al Trabajador" going against the tyranny of his boss Doña Florinda.
    3. She is funny sometimes, like when she laughs or when she does things that are not appropriate for her age like riding a bike and playing in an amusement park.
    4. The introduction of the character replacing Don Ramón had a reason, since Don Ramón's actor left the cast in 1979, La Chilindrina needed an adult to take care of her in the absence of her father.
    5. Maria Antonieta de las Nieves does a very solid acting job on her, though not as great as her performance as La Chilindrina.


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