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Come on Quico, do not join with that riffraff.

Doña Florinda (known as Mrs. Worthmore in the English dub of the animated series) is one of the main characters of the Mexican TV series El Chavo del Ocho, played by Florinda Meza. The character participated in all seasons of the classic series, the Chespirito series and the animated series. The character is a widowed middle-aged lady who is the overprotective mother of the spoiled and selfish boy Quico, being known for playing an antagonistic role in most episodes.

Why She Sucks

  1. She is rude and grumpy with all the inhabitants of the village where she lives, always being in a bad mood and easily getting angry with her neighbors. She shows to be nice only with her son and her love interest Professor Jirafales who lives outside the village.
  2. She is responsible for torturing Don Ramón's life by frequently blaming him for things he did not do and violently slapping him as a form of punishment for Don Ramón's actions (that are often not made by him).
    1. Sometimes Florinda attacks Ramón hard enough to leave him in a cast, with bandages and bruises.
    2. She almost never lets Don Ramón explain and defend himself against the false accusations made against him, always slapping him in the face before he says anything.
    3. In one of the episodes Doña Florinda presents El Chavo with Don Ramón's pants that were on the clothesline without Don Ramón knowing about it.
  3. She disrespects the financial conditions of her neighbors, taking advantage of being the richest in the village. Because of this, she often refers to her neighbors (mainly Don Ramón) as riffraff (chusma in the original Mexican dub).
  4. She always defends her son from the bad deeds he does with her neighbors, claiming that he is a good boy and that he should not get involved with the mob. In addition, she is also responsible for spoiling her son by often giving him expensive toys and money.
  5. She is main responsible for having influenced her son Quico to behave like a selfish boy who disrespects his neighbors by calling them of riffraff (mainly Don Ramón).
  6. At times, she shows that she wants to impose order on the village, to the point of wanting to be more authoritarian than the owner of the village Señor Barriga himself.
    1. In one of the episodes she creates a ban on animals and toddlers in the village.
    2. She forces Don Ramón to clean up all the dirt in the village.
    3. She seeks to occupy the entire space of the clothesline in the village to the point of wanting to prohibit Don Ramón and Doña Clotilde from also using the clothesline.
  7. In some episodes she shows hatred towards animals.
  8. In the animated version she is also seen slapping other innocent men besides Don Ramón.
  9. At the end of the episode of the piñata party Doña Florinda drops the pinata on Don Ramón's head (knocking him out) for no reason.
  10. In one of the episodes when Señor Barriga "kills" Don Ramón by crushing him and flattening him turning Ramón into a paper (in a cartoonish way), Doña Florinda is seen watching this scene with great satisfaction.
  11. She in El Chavo Animado has become a much more aggressive and mean woman than in the original, to the point of never showing her gentle side with Don Ramón as she used to do in a few episodes of the original series.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She is not always interpreted as a rude and grumpy woman who despises her neighbors and in some episodes she demonstrates being kind to Don Ramón and admires when he does a good deed and proves to be a good example for children.
  2. In the episodes that occur after Quico and Don Ramón leave, Doña Florinda is portrayed as being more calm and less rude to her neighbors, especially in the episodes when she works in her restaurant becoming a more likable character.
  3. Even though she is dating Professor Jirafales, she does not forget her late husband Federico.
  4. She shows at least being kinder to El Chavo and Doña Clotilde sometimes.
  5. Some of her moments and lines are at least funny and memorable.