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    Dirty Dog (Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus)

    Dirty Dog (Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus!)
    "I'm Dirty Dawg!! And I'm gonna pollute ALL the kids with Coronavirus!!! And I'm gonna get that Cool Cat! I HATE Cool Cat, and I HATE kids! *growls*"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dimwitted Terrorist
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Costumed dog
    Portrayed by: Derek Savage (Voice-over)
    Andre Matthews (in costume)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus

    Dirty Dog is the main antagonist of the Cool Cat franchise. Serving as the main villain of Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus and the upcoming Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting.

    He was voiced by Derek Savage and performed by Andre Matthews.


    He is an evil, sadistic, deluded canine and Cool Cat's archnemesis whose goal is to cause mayhem around him and create viruses to infect kids just to spite Cool Cat after his goal to clear half the population of the world with COVID-19 had failed.

    Why He Is Intentionally One Dirty Dog

    1. Even though he's meant to be mean-spirited, he is a completely one-dimensional villain, even more so than Butch the Bully.
    2. Speaking of Butch the Bully, he shares many flaws that are carried over from Butch from Cool Cat Saves the Kids, where they both act incredibly childish and have "villainous" goals that are immature and troublesome yet their actions are completely impractical and frivolous in the end.
      • Whereas Butch the Bully was just a harmless little kid whose biggest sin was carrying a gun to school, Dirty Dog's intentions of endangering the lives all around him with a deadly disease like COVID make him out to be a complete psychopath with no care for anyone around him.
    3. He is meant to represent the anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers of the COVID crowd for the time (ex. having a horrendously low opinion of pro-maskers by calling them "sheep" and referring to the pandemic as a "scam" without so much as a hint of irony or self-awareness since he has the Coronavirus apparently), but despite Dirty Dog having obvious qualities of what kids should not be rooting for, the story was intended to make it seem like Dirty Dog is doing what some people should believe in a "both sides of a conflict" case scenario. The fact he's a villainous bio-terrorist who's meant to be hated for his unpleasant qualities, makes it harder to side with Dirty Dog, even more, to begin with.
    4. Not only is he extremely arrogant and acts like an egotistical 10-year-old, but he is irredeemably offensive and unlikable since his recklessly evil actions come down to him committing bio-terrorism by deliberately spreading COVID-19, a serious disease that has killed humans and animals worldwide, to tons of children around him without any reason to do so other than the fact he hates kids with no shame in stating it out loud and stalks them to terrorize them (making him out to be incredibly misopedic and a total scumbag).
    5. To make matters even worse, Dirty Dog is supposed to be treated as threatening and forbidding for the fact he's a bio-terrorist who is intentionally spreading a deadly disease and seeks to infect said disease onto kids so they could be just like him (which would be solid enough material for him to be portrayed as an awesome Pure Evil villain in the film), yet he is depicted as a moron who is given an overdramatic and cartoonish personality where he moves and acts in a ridiculous and hammy manner, which makes him out to be too much of a joke villain who cannot be taken seriously whatsoever (which makes him come across as overall annoying in the long run).
      • It's not helping that his very introduction of announcing his name and his plots to infect everyone with Coronavirus is executed in a laughably bad way, it's not helping that he is acting like a silly mischievous '70s cartoon villain instead of coming across as a genuine threat to society.
      • Not to mention that the scene where Dirty Dog infects a kid was meant to be scary for how cruel it is, because of the ridiculous execution of this very scene, this can come across as either genuinely horrifying or outright annoying (perhaps both in real life standards), mainly for the fact that it's essentially a crazy man in a dog costume with a horrific dog mask getting close to a kid to attempt coughing on the kid and acting like a madman who's cornering and scaring an innocent kid after he called the kid "ugly" and a "punk".
      • To add salt to the wound of the following scene, he outright states his enjoyment of being a "mean bully" who revels in the pain of others. Firstly, a bully in real life would never say something as cheesy and childish as that, and secondly, because he's much worse than the "bully" that the movie claims, given the fact he's sadistic and intends to infect kids with said disease; this makes Dirty Dog rather delusional about how he's more of an asshole and a remorseless individual with a cruel heart instead of your typical "school bully".
      • Even though Dirty Dog's plan to shoot up a school to conquer the world and threaten the viewers were both intended to be taken seriously, it's very hard for us to take him seriously because of how over-the-top and bombastic he acts (especially because of Dirty Dog's childishly goofy mannerisms and exaggerated gestures making him look much more silly than necessary).
      • It's not helping that in the "Cool Cat vs Dirty Dog - Dirty Dog Spit scene" trailer, when Cool Cat called a harrier plane to send bombs where Dirty Dog was, he made a laughably stupid line about something about the explosion that burned his butt before it cuts to Dirty Dog releasing a potion of viruses and Cool Cat punching the potion off of Dirty Dog's hand.
    6. His rap number is extremely laughable and cringe-worthy (just like Cool Cat's rap number, although not as horrendous). It can also be viewed as unintentionally hilarious for how terrible and badly written it is, and it only makes Dirty Dog even more of a joke villain than before.
    7. For whatever reason, he tends to refer to two Latino girls, Cool Cat's newfound friends, as "rat-haired", which could come across as racist.
      • Not to mention that Dirty Dog also called a black kid a "punk" and "ugly".
    8. Most of his dialogue is so horribly written and extremely childish that it comes across as obtuse, ridiculous, and beyond embarrassing. Several lines of these include: (Note how all of them include exclamation marks.)
      • “So that's where that ugly cat and his rat-haired friends are, and they're playing with those stupid sheep face masks, they're so duuumb!
      • “Now I'm glad I brought this water balloon! Cat's HATE water, so I'm gonna get him WET!”
      • “HA ha HAH! I'm so MEAN!”
      • “Hey Cool Cat!! You and your friends stink! So here's something to clean you up!
      • “I'll get you for this, you BIG dummies!”
      • “That Cool Cat makes me mad! But look over there!! There's a punk kid!”
      • 🎵“I'm Dirty Dog, and I'm the baddest there is! You're just a sheep!! And I'll bite you on the leg!!!”🎵
      • “Ha ha HA! I'm such a mean bully!”
      • 🎵“Kids are so dumb! And adults are too! I'll cough in their face, just to scare them, yeah!”🎵
      • 🎵“Puah Pah Punk!! Kids are so dumb!! Puah Pah Punk!! Corona-virus is a scam!”🎵
      • “Yeah! I caught a coronavirus, and now I need to add my magic sauce!”
      • “YES YES! It's working! Come to life you, beautiful Dirty Dog viruses! I'm so happy, I could cut a fart!”
      • “Wow, what was THAT?! It burned my butt!”
    9. He's so profoundly stupid and unintelligent, that he somehow used his bizarre skills and talents of sorcery to make his plans useless and fallible, which makes him far too laughable and pathetic to be seen as a genuine threat we should be afraid of.
      • His stupidity is better shown when he says that he wants to "pollute" kids with COVID-19 when the correct verb is "infect". Also, despite his goal to cough on others and infect others with a deadly disease, since he's a dog, he literally can't transmit the disease to humans in the same way dogs can transmit diseases onto other dogs. This is also an example of how poorly written he is.
      • Another moment of his pathetic actions is "coughing" on a water balloon.. and somehow missing Cool Cat and the kids. Which makes his lack of aiming skills very ludicrous to see.
    10. Sloppy Motives: He has some serious contradictory writing to his character. On one hand, he believes that the coronavirus is a scam and doesn't exist, but on the other hand, he constantly tries to actively infect people with the virus. He cannot be both at the same time, he's either an anti-vaxxer who believes COVID is fake and tortures impressionable kids for believing it's real, or he is a bio-terrorist who has COVID and actively wants to kill people with the disease just for fun (and his characterization is more of the latter).
      • Also, he doesn't have an actual reason or motivation to hate Cool Cat or anyone else (even though the hate for Cool Cat is generally warranted, out of context); hence this makes him out to be a Generic doomsday villain for having little to no personality outside of being a sadistic manchild who wants to infect children with COVID-19.
    11. Since his character design comes from the same people who designed Cool Cat, Dirty Dog's feet are poorly stitched out (much to the point that you can see the shoes that are supposed to be his feet) and his oddly long tail is rather questionable. Especially when his character design comes off as poorly designed since his mask doesn't fit his body design, which makes Dirty Dog look like a bad Party City Halloween costume.
      • His earlier design before Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus, which is seen in both videos on the Cool Cat YouTube channel, is genuinely repellent (the black eyes on his realistic bulldog head design don't help any further for how off-putting and disturbing it looks).
    12. His voice (provided by Derek Savage, the same guy who portrays Daddy Derek) sounds very nasally, overtly hammy, and whiny to a laughably bad extent.
      • The way he growls and laughs falls into the "so bad it's good" territory due to how completely exaggerated the voice is.
      • Some of his audio clips (like his laugh) can be too loud to the point of sounding obnoxious and ear-piercing at times because of the movie's poor editing.
      • Also, it is rather pointless of Derek to voice him, when the person Andre Matthews, is already the actor in the dog costume performing as Dirty Dog.
    13. His appearances in the "Cool Cat vs. Dirty Dog" trailers aren't much better than his first appearance. These trailers make him out to be a lot more obnoxious and clownish than his original appearance ever was.
      • In the first trailer, he is first seen lashing his anger and spite at Cool Cat for having kids who simply love him and Dirty Dog calls him an ugly cat. Upon finding Joe Biden saying that COVID-19 is dying out in a news notification on his phone, Dirty Dog is deeply upset by this and seeks to find a new virus to infect kids with a virus of his own, which is also outdated and passe that Dirty Dog is even complaining about COVID-19 dying out because it's not being discussed much anymore in 2023 or 2024 compared to its infamy in 2020 and 2021. (what makes it even more cringe-worthy, is that he created a new form of virus, calls it "Dirty Dog viruses" and then farts and twerks in front of the camera because of his enjoyment with creating a new virus to infect the world). Once he is perceived as a threat, he proceeds to send the viruses to infect the kids outside with a bottle of viruses Dirty Dog is holding onto (which got Cool Cat to punch the bottle off of his hand).
      • In the "Cool Cat vs Dirty Dog - Dirty Dog Spit scene" trailer, he is seen creating a new virus with orange poison, and he is seen holding a beaver captive as his prisoner. After Dirty Dog tells his prisoner to go away and exclaims that he loves being a "bully", he plans to apply his spit to the virus he created.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Much like Cool Cat, he could come across as ironically entertaining and funny. Mainly due to the fact Dirty Dog has the mannerisms of an old-fashioned, over-the-top comic-book villain (and possibly a Captain Planet type of villain). This makes him out to be the least hateable character in both, the horrid movie he made his first appearance in, Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus, and the whole Cool Cat franchise for that matter.
      • Some viewers can have mixed feelings about Dirty Dog himself since he can also be viewed as a character you love to hate, depending on your view.
      • The scene where he infects a kid is meant to be horrifying because of how gratuitously evil it is, but when you know that dogs can't infect humans with COVID, it could be rather hilarious to see how much he acts like an idiot who failed to harm someone despite Dirty Dog being delusional and malicious (especially the way he coughs exaggeratedly).
    2. His shirt design (especially the graffiti font spelling his name) objectively looks way cooler than all of Cool Cat's lame shirt designs.
    3. Andre Matthews, the actor who performs as Dirty Dog, did a great job at making him very expressive and animated, especially with Dirty Dog's athletic movements and giving him a lot of energy to make him look energetic.
    4. Despite his rap song being downright awful, he does make some good points in his song like Cool Cat being a foolish cat, how there are some kids that are dumb & easy to scare, and how there are some adults out there that are dumb enough to be tricked, all of which are several things we have to be highly aware of.
    5. Despite failing to attack and infect Cool Cat and his friends, he somehow managed to create a big Coronavirus atom single-handedly. All by grabbing some random bit of air, pouring his "magic sauce" from a glass bottle of Budweiser he got from a witch dog, and mutating it into a singular, airborne Coronavirus molecule sitting on his bare hand which has the size of a baseball, which he then sends out to attack Cool Cat as if it is alive. Which comes off as both: incredibly bizarre and a little formidable, all at the same time.
    6. His quote “Wow, what was THAT?! It burned my butt!” is laughable enough to come across as genuinely funny (if not awkward, depending on your view).


    • Dirty Dog is a reference to the YouTuber Mumkey Jones, who was scheduled to play the school shooter in the upcoming film before the controversy regarding the funding for the film Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus.
    • It is confirmed that his mother is a witch dog by a Cool Cat Tweet.
    • On the Cool Cat Twitter account, it's confirmed that Butch the Bully created him.
    • Much like Butch the Bully from the previous film, Dirty Dog is by far the most popular aspect of the film Cool Cat Fights The Coronavirus!, being a hilariously over-the-top villain whose awkward rap number is regarded as probably the best part of the movie.
    • He is the only Cool Cat character who first ended up on the Incredible Characters Wiki before getting moved to the Loathsome Characters Wiki page.



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