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    Dirk Mann
    Who thought hiring a then-infamous YouTuber to be on a children's TV show was a good idea?
    Gender: Mal
    Type: Annoying and Idiotic Daredevil Stereotype
    Age: 17 (season 1)
    18 (season 2)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jake Paul
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bizaardvark
    First appearance: First!
    Last appearance: Bernie Moves Out

    Dirk Mann is the tritagonist in Bizaardvark. He is portrayed by Jake Paul.

    Why He Shouldn't Be Dared

    1. He is a daredevil stereotype.
    2. He is a very annoying, obnoxious, and unfunny comic relief.
    3. He is a rip-off of both Spencer and Gibby from iCarly, but without any of the charm and likability of said characters.
    4. Stunt casting: His character is portrayed by Jake Paul, which is supposed to be an atrocious attempt at Disney trying to be hip and relevant to kids. Here are some problems:
      • First of all, Jake Paul is already a highly infamous and controversial YouTube star with a bad reputation, so hiring him was not a good idea.
      • Second of all, he even has a sibling, who is portrayed by his real-life brother Logan Paul, which is even worse because Logan himself is the one who released the infamous Suicide Forest video.
    5. He is very dimwitted and lacks common sense to the point it gets annoying.
    6. Even worse, in every other rap he made before he got fired, he bragged about being on Bizzardvark.
    7. After being written out of the series in the second half of season 2, not much of an explanation is given as to what happened to him other than he left Vuuugle and that's it.
    8. Like reason #4, Jake Paul did a shoddy job portraying him.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He means well and cares about his friends.
    2. He has some funny moments.
    3. Thankfully, he was written out of the series during the second half of season 2 (see "Trivia" section for more information).


    • His portrayer, Jake Paul, was fired from the series and Disney Channel during mid-season 2. As a result, Dirk Mann was written out of the series.



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