Dilweed and Fungus

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Dilweed and Fungus
How much worse could these no-good woodchucks do if they can do Kung Fu?
Gender: Male (both of them)
Type: Moronic Kung Fu Duo
Age: 12 (Both of them)
Species: Woodchucks (both of them)
Portrayed by: Terry McGurrin (Dilweed)
Lou Attia (Fungus, Season 1)
Cory Doran (Fungus, Season 2)
Media of origin: Numb Chucks

Dilweed & Fungus are the main protagonists of Numb Chucks. They are a duo of astoundingly moronic woodchucks who love to do kung fu and try to use their martial arts skills to fight evil, although both of them are unbelievably inept at both. Dilweed is voiced by Terry McGurrin, while Fungus is voiced by Lou Attia in Season 1 and Cory Doran in Season 2.

Why They Should Go Numb

  1. To start you off, they are supposed to be the heroes, but feel more like incompetent villains.
    • They also have criminal roles such as stealing Buford's couch, attacking a new, innocent neighbor Dr. Sinister, or trashing Hooves' house.
    • In the episode "Spit-Uation Critical", they made Buford waste all his spit.
    • In the episode "Artificial Dumbness", they didn't seem to care that Robo-Morris was torturing the townsfolk.
    • Their Kung fu skills are meant to rescue people, but in some episodes, their Kung fu skills sometimes cause chaos.
  2. Thanks to them, Buford or Hooves became a jerk to everyone when they slammed a door on him.
  3. Their actors Terry McGurrin, Lou Attia and Cory Doran did lazy and below-average jobs voicing them, as they either sound too quiet or scream too loudly.
  4. Their designs are cheesy, below-average, and ugly, as they hardly look like woodchucks and look more like beavers with no flat tails. They also look very reminiscent of the character designs from Almost Naked Animals.
    • Adding onto that, their designs are rip-offs of Norbert and Daggett from The Angry Beavers. It doesn't help that they have somewhat similar names.
  5. Their names are very lazy and unoriginal, just like Fanboy and Chum Chum.
  6. They have even twerked in a few episodes.
  7. They never get punished for their actions, making them Karma Houdinis.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Fungus correctly points out that Quills technically isn't cheating due to Dilweed wearing her quills.
  2. They were right about the Town Mascot (who turned out to be Buford) bullying them.


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