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    Dijonay Jones (The Proud Family and Louder and Prouder)

    Dijonay Jones
    Penny should have gotten a better friend.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Bad "Best Friend"
    Age: 15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Karen Malina White
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Proud Family

    The Proud Family Louder and Prouder

    Dijonay Jones is the "best friend" of the protagonist Penny Proud, on The Proud Family. She is voiced by Karen Malina White in both The Proud Family and its reboot.

    Why She Shouldn't Be Proud of Herself

    1. For starters, between her unrefined attitude, immaturity and constant yelling, Dijonay is portrayed as a stereotypical dark-skinned African American teenage girl living in the hood.
    2. She constantly throws Penny, her "BFF", under the bus.
      • She sold Penny to The Gross Sisters and even joining in on bullying her.
      • She dubbed her brothers and sisters on Penny just so she could go to a concert. Later when Penny and her siblings go to the concert, she expected them to bring her into the concert after ditching them like nothing.
      • She was willing to drop Penny to perform when her voice changed.
      • She spread a rumor about Penny. (It was LaCienega who started it but Dijonay was the one who helped spread it)
    3. In the reboot, she outs two of her classmates for having two dads. She didn't even feel bad about it; she only didn't want her chances of KG being ruined.
    4. She was willing to leave her boyfriend, who changed schools for her, for a chance to date a celebrity. The celebrity in question had lighter skin than her boyfriend, makes sense in context.
    5. She has an obsessive crush on Sticky and thinks he is her boyfriend despite the obvious fact that he finds her extremely irritating and would consistently keep his distance from her.
      • She also sexually harasses Sticky to the point where he had to move to another country. This would have been a #MeToo thing if the roles were reversed.
    6. She still hangs out with LaCienega even though LaCienega is shown to be horrible and even racist towards Penny.
    7. The first episode, "Bring It On", revealed that she's a bad friend to Penny, where she sold her out for LaCienega.
    8. Hypocrisy: In "A Star Is Scorned", she (along with Zoey and LaCienega) were angry at Penny for going solo despite the fact they always ditch her.
    9. She (along with everyone else) ignored Penny when BeBe and CeCe became teenagers showing she really isn't Penny's "BFF".
    10. She got Ms. Hill fired after breaking her promise to Penny (luckily, Ms. Hill was rehired).
    11. Speaking of her crush on Sticky she's also disloyal to him as she has went after other boys in the series despite telling him she wouldn't cheat on him.
    12. In "The Party", She Sticky and Zoey ditched Penny's Party for LaCienega's and only came back after LaCienega's party failed.
    13. She's also a Karma Houdini as she usually gets away scot-free for ditching her friends.
    14. As if selling Penny out on a daily basis wasn't bad enough she once sold her out to the Gross Sisters who are their bullies. At this point she's more an enemy than friend

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She is shown to be a talented poet, even better than Penny.
    2. She is a star debater.
    3. She isn't as bad as LaCienega Boulevardez.
    4. She can be a good friend to Penny, calling out LaCienega for trying to steal Penny's boyfriend.
    5. Karen Malina White (at least) does a great job voicing her.


    • Dijonay's name is a pun on the name of Best Foods'/Hellmann's Dijonnaise Dijon mustard. She has nine younger siblings all named after seasonings and condiments, in one episode, who called them to the British girl group.
    • She is the youngest and shortest of the girl group L.P.D.Z. until Maya arrives in the revival.
    • Dijonay holds the honor of speaking the show's first lines as she says "Okay Ladies, and Michael..." at the very start of the first episode ("Bring It On"). Penny is the second.
    • She posses the ability to speak both French due to her heritage and also Italian which she used when talking to Kobe Bryant.
    • She is the only one of Penny's friends to appear in the 1999 pilot; under the name "Delinquinetta".
    • She and her best friend Penny are the only L.P.D.Z. members to be in the all the episodes (except for "Old Towne Road Part 1" where she is absent for the first time).
    • She is the only person outside of Penny's family to have a Funko Pop designed for her; thus clinching ICON status.
    • In "Home School", it was revealed that Dijonay once had a large lunch tab she gotten over the years and by snitching that a teacher was living in school, her tab was wipe clean.



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