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    Devon "DJ" Joseph (Total Drama World Tour)

    Devon "DJ" Joseph
    DJ: "I don't want to hurt one more little animal. Okay? I just want to go home!"
    Loathsome Characters Wiki: "We understand your pain DJ, but why did you turn into a crybaby and always complain about an animal curse? That’s not like you."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Overparanoid Sensitive Crybaby
    Age: 17 (World Tour)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Clé Bennett
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Drama
    First appearance: "Not So Happy Campers - Part 1" (Overall)
    "Walk like an Egyptian - Part 1" (Flanderized version)
    Last appearance: "Eat, Puke, and Be Wary"

    Devon "DJ" Joseph is a character from the Total Drama franchise. He was a great character from Island to Action. Unfortunately, during Total Drama World Tour and Revenge of the Island, he was badly flanderized.

    Cursed Qualities

    1. In World Tour, he went from a very nice guy who never complains and rarely cries to a complete crybaby who complains about an "animal curse".
      • He’s especially out-of-character this season, because he was never unlikable, except for "If You Can't Take the Heat" from season 1.
    2. In "Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Show", even though his character remained in-tact, the food he and his mama made have killed the people who ate it, also, when Owen ate some of it, it made him sick, which is ironic, considering he actually made good food in Action and his friends who ate it weren't negatively effected in anyway possible.
    3. In "Walk Like an Egyptian Part 1", when he petted a mummy dog, he accidentally broke it, which subsequently set off a booby trap and let scarabs fall, forcing him, Harold and Leshawna to run out of the pyramid to safety.
    4. In "Walk Like an Egyptian Part 2", he accidentally hit a seagull with his team’s stick, and then complains about it in the confessional.
    5. He begins to complain about being cursed in "Super Crazy Happy Fun Time in Japan".
    6. In the same episode, he accidentally injured a panda during his team’s challenge, to the point where he cried about it and wanted to just leave the game immediately and go home.
    7. Also, he didn't help his team with their video, and didn't even say his line when he was on.
    8. In "Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better", he cried about missing his home and mom in the Yukon (and also after Heather insulted him telling him to try and not hurt any animals) to the point where he froze his eyes shut, got his team lost, never found Bridgette, and accidentally hit a baby seal. He also complains about being cursed, again.
    9. In "Broadway, Baby!", instead of gently putting back the baby turtle in turtle pond, he tossed it back in the pond, and then a giant turtle comes up and eats it, although, DJ didn't think that would happen.
    10. In "Slap Slap Revolution", he complains and cries about the "curse" he has for about a good chunk of the episode, especially when he tells the seagull to fly away, saying "you’re not safe with me."
    11. In the same episode, he accidentally shoveled some meat with the seagull on it into the meat grinder, but it did come out alive, and then he held a mountain goat during the sausage sled challenge, and didn't notice the tree and accidentally hit it on the branch.
    12. Also, when Sierra knocked him out of the dance slap challenge, he didn't even try to defend himself.
    13. In "The Am-AH-Zon Race", while he was still likeable, he complains about being cursed again, and also accidentally hurt a bunch of mini-monkeys in the Amazon, thinking they were bugs.
    14. In "Can't Help Falling in Louvre", as he abandoned Lindsay during the challenge so he could focus on breaking his "curse", as he complains and cries about it in the episode.
    15. In the same episode, he also steals the mummy dog from the Egypt exhibit in the museum, meaning he committed a crime.
    16. Also, he accidentally injured the bear and yeti during the challenge, and also due to the animals attacking him, he accidentally destroyed his team’s statue before Lindsay could finish it, which caused them to lose.
    17. He was willing to lose the walk-off challenge in order to be eliminated, and go home to his mom, as he picked Gwen as his idol and just put his shirt on her.
    18. He wasn't even happy that he actually ended up winning because Lindsay did a bad job of dressing up Tyler, and while DJ’s was simple, his shirt was nice enough to beat out Lindsay’s design. He was upset that he won?
    19. In "New Kids on the Rock", knowing he's the only member of Team Victory left standing, he used this to try and lose the next challenge so he can go home to his mom, instead of trying to win in the spirit of his eliminated teammates, even trying to not sing during the song.
    20. In the same episode, he also complains about his curse again when a killer whale picks him up, and he accidentally pushed the cushion he was using as for safety in its blowhole, sending DJ flying to his boat. While the Killer Whale managed to get the cushion out, much to DJ’s relief, the cushion hit a nearby Seagull, causing DJ to feel sad.
    21. In "Jamaica Me Sweat", when Alejandro revealed he tricked DJ in front of him, DJ once again felt sad that he was still "cursed".
    22. He was eliminated in the same episode, as he failed his third run. While it was understandable that Alejandro sabotaged the obstacle course, it was after DJ found out he was still "cursed", and while he left Irene the fish behind for its safety, he ended up slowing down due to seagulls being on the course, and also accidentally injuring a walrus that was on the course. Not to mention while his Drop of Shame was definitely safe, considering the plane was still stranded and that he got an injured head and broken arm due to flying off the obstacle course, fire ants come up on him which scares him away, running away on the beach.
    23. He also become a butt-monkey during the season, when some of the animals, like the panda, the baby turtles, the mini-monkeys, the baby seal, the yeti, and the bear hurt him for no reason, although, it could be because of DJ accidentally injuring them.
    24. While likable in "Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon", he was disrespected by the audience by showing that only a few calls are willing to have dinner with him, and that they like his "animal curse", which is evidenced by the fact that they showed clips of DJ accidentally injuring animals, including some never before seen clips which include:
      • When he was in the Amazon with Lindsay in "The Am-AH-Zon Race", and he was scratching his foot with a tree branch, while leaning on a tree, which he accidentally timbered due to his strength and landed on a nearby bear. In reality, the footage was taken in Camp Wawanakwa, not the Amazon.
      • When he was on the plane in First Class with Lindsay between "The Am-AH-Zon Race" and "Can't Help Falling in Louvre", when he woke up after relaxing on the couch, and since he was waking up, understandably didn’t notice the mice that were sleeping on his slippers, and he accidentally stepped on them.
      • When he was at Central Park in New York City with Leshawna and Lindsay in "Broadway, Baby!", he was sitting on a branch, feeding a squirrel an acorn. DJ didn’t even accidentally injure the squirrel in the clip, but it was instead a careless biker who rode his bike passing by him and running over the squirrel, yet the clip tries to prove it was DJ’s fault, but it really wasn’t. That’s just very cruel to poor DJ.
      • When he was on his boat with Heather in Newfoundland in "Newf Kids on the Rock", the motor Heather helped get moving stops at one point, so DJ hits the motor, which starts working again, but they accidentally hit a nearby ice platform with a polar bear. While the polar bear luckily got to safer ice ground, which relieved DJ, a broken helicopter comes down and crushed the polar bear. This clip is also very cruel to poor DJ, as it once again tries to prove all of it was his fault, but DJ didn’t even accidentally injure the polar bear, and the fault of the broken helicopter injuring the polar bear goes to some very awful Pilot (which is most likely Chris, seeing that he often uses the helicopter).
      • When everyone was about to get back on the plane and leave the Amazon in "The Am-AH-Zon Race", he helped a seagull get a flying start on flying away, but it flew too close to one of the plane’s engines, and got sucked into it, losing all of its feathers and landing on the ground bald. It’s another very cruel clip to poor DJ, trying to prove it was his fault again, but DJ didn’t even throw him towards the engines, and the bird was just not paying attention.
      • The aftermath crew brought in the animals DJ accidentally injured this season, wanting him to pet one, but the animals are furious with him, which is understandable. But when Blaineley opened the cage, it was very cruel of her to try and sick them on poor DJ, since he didn’t mean to hurt any of them on purpose, and it was just accidental. While DJ ran away and got to a safer location, the animals aimed for the rest of the cast and audience instead, including Blaineley herself, the one who freed them. The animals chaos also caused the aftermath studio to be trashed, forcing the crew to raise the money to a million dollars to help refuel Chris’ plane and repair the aftermath studio. Not to mention, after Blaineley freed the animals, DJ was absent for the rest of the episode, meaning she scared him so much, that even after the animals were gone, he still didn’t come back, and that’s just cruel on poor DJ (although, there was one good reason he didn’t come back, as later in the episode, Izzy blew up a bomb and sent everyone flying and injured across the set).
    25. DJ’s flanderization wasn't the only problem this season, he was also disrespected by pretty much the audience, and being one of the nicest characters in the show, that's just cruel to DJ, considering the fact he also became a butt-monkey during this season.
    26. His crying is also pretty annoying during this season.
    27. This is DJ’s worst season that he competed in, as he placed 12th (which is slightly worse than his performance in Action, where he placed 11th).

    Good Qualities

    1. He was a better character during the first two seasons of the show, and he does have a passable cameo in Revenge of the Island and some nice cameos in Total DramaRama too.
    2. He is still very strong, like when he was able to pull his team’s sled without any problems.
    3. DJ is still a very nice character and tries to be friendly to the animals without hurting them.
    4. He still has some funny moments here and there.
    5. Clé Bennett still did a great job voicing him.
    6. We can sympathize with him for feeling sorry for accidentally hurting the animals, even if he was complaining too much.
    7. He helped his teammates out in most of the challenges:
      • He helped his team build their river raft and get across to shore in Egypt.
      • He helped his team in the Super Duper Mega Pinball Challenge in Japan.
      • He helped pull his team’s sled in the Yukon.
      • In New York City, he climbed up the rope, helped his team get up the Statue of Liberty, got the carriage for his team, led his team to the shore, and helped get his team’s apple, and they managed to place second in the episode, finally breaking their losing streak.
      • He helped his team make their sausage sled and slides down the mountain with them in Germany.
      • In the Amazon, he carried Lindsay with him while taking the T-bar across the zip-line, guided him and Lindsay to Machu Picchu, and they find the golden treasure, finally getting their team their first ever win and relaxing in first class. He also allows his teammate to bring Tyler to first class, earning him a check kiss from Lindsay.
    8. He seems to have been doing fine when being a lone team member:
      • In Newfoundland, after Heather helps him out with most of the challenge (getting him and his boat to the shore first, and getting him to drink the jug of vinegar), he ended up winning the rest of the challenge on his own (which Heather could not help him out with), by saying the correct translation and kissing the fish, counting as his second win and relaxing in first class along with Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot, since they tied with him.
      • In Jamaica, he did really well during most of the bobsled challenge, smoothly doing his first two runs pretty fast, and would have been safe if not for Alejandro sabotaging the course before his third run.
    9. When he first appeared in the Aftermath show, he said that he didn't accidentally hurt any animals since he came home, meaning he no longer believes in the curse, which is a relief.
    10. "Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon", "Aftermath Aftermayhem", "The Am-AH-zon Race", "Hawaiian Style", "Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles", and "Hawaiian Punch" are the only episodes of the season where he's likable.


    • DJ is one of the contestants to be involved in a double elimination but did not leave at the same time, as he left after Izzy in "Jamaica Me Sweat". The others being Cody and Heather/Alejandro in "Hawaiian Punch" and Gwen and Scott in "The Bold and the Booty-ful".
    • In "Jamaica Me Sweat", DJ was automatically eliminated due to coming in last and being the only one left on his team.
      • He is the only first generation contestant to be never voted out normally, even despite competing in the first three seasons. It should be noted, however, that he was facing a genuine vote-out in "Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan" until Harold quit in his place.
    • DJ is the second contestant to be cursed, the first being Beth and the Ice Dancers being third.
    • DJ, along with Lindsay, Izzy, Tyler, Courtney, Sierra, and Cody, doesn't sing in the episode he's eliminated in Total Drama World Tour.
    • DJ is one of five contestants on the show to attempt to throw a challenge, the others being Courtney, Gwen, Scott, and Trent.


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