Devin Weston (Grand Theft Auto V)

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Devin Weston (Grand Theft Auto V)
"You're late, sugartits!"
Gender: Male
Type: Greedy Monster
Age: 51
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Jonathan Walker
Status: Deceased
Media of Origin: Grand Theft Auto V

Devin Weston is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto V. He is a billionaire, a venture capitalist, and investor. He holds a major sharehold on Merryweather, and relies on them to do his dirty work. He tasks Franklin, Michael and Trevor with repo jobs.

Why He Intentionally Sucks

  1. He is a greedy bastard. All he cares about is money. He is like the human version of Mr. Krabs but a lot worse. While Mr. Krabs is greedy, he will care for people at times, this guy does not, just like Mr. Huph.
  2. He never pays Franklin, always making him do dangerous tasks without paying him.
  3. He blamed Michael for the death of his lawyer, Molly. Even though it wasn't his fault because Molly was being stupid because she thought Michael was going to kill her.
  4. He and Molly set up Franklin, Lamar and Trevor by tipping off the cops and told them that they were transporting stolen cars.
  5. All he does is sit on his ass investing money.
  6. He tried to kill Michael's family by sending Merryweather mercenaries to his house.
  7. He tried to ruin Michael's dream of becoming an associate producer.
  8. He is a narcissist, claiming he's better than everyone else.
  9. He ordered Franklin to kill Michael because he was "causing problems" in one of the bad endings.
  10. He might be racist, as he picks on Franklin frequently.
  11. He has a tendency to call people "slick".
  12. One of his reasons to hate Trevor Phillips is because of his "smell".
  13. At one point makes an innapropiate joke, saying that if Chad Mulligan's Z-Type car were a woman, he would need to break his twenty and under rule and immediately afterwards makes pelvic moments towards the car.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least he died in the True ending of the game.
  2. Devin truly fears Trevor Philips.
  3. His act of sending Merryweather Security after Michael's family to avenge Molly's death, while despicable, may be an indicator that deep inside, Devin truly cared for Molly, though he could have also done this because her death made him look like a fool.
  4. Thanks to him, we got an awesome story in GTA V between him and Michael.


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