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    Devastator (Michael Bay pentalogy)

    Devastator (Michael Bay pentalogy)
    This isn't the Devastator we were all used to! This is a Gorilla-like abomination that we must fire the rail guns on!
    '"I WILL CRUSH MICHAEL BAY FOR MY FLANDERIZATION IN THE FILM FOR THIS!" -Devastator's reaction to Michael Bay flanderizing him in the second film.
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Dark Side of Devastator
    Age: Immortal
    Species: Cybertronian
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Transformers
    First appearance: Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen
    Last appearance: Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

    Devastator is a giant Decepticon who is made up of seven, eight, or sometimes nine Constructicons (Eight are named; Scavenger (Torso), Overload (Pelvis), Mixmaster (Head), Rampage (Left leg), Long Haul (Right leg), Hightower (Left arm), Scrapmetal (Left hand), and Scrapper (Right arm)).

    Devastator is named after Cybertron's unwithstandable and terrifyingly destructive Devastator Winds, due to his intimidating strength. Devastator can also create powerful gravity wells by generating an artificial black hole with his Vortex Grinder, located in his mouth. Nearby objects are drawn into his gaping mouth to be crushed.

    Blasted By A Railgun Qualities

    1. First off, this version of Devastator is for some reason a gorilla, complete with arms larger than legs, as opposed to simply being a robot created from other robots.
      • His design, while alright, looks nothing like his G1 counterpart, although be fair, he isn't based on the G1 version of the character; he's based on Devastator as a whole.
    2. This version of Devastator doesn't stay faithful to the original green giant that a lot of people loved back in Generation 1.
    3. Like many of the Decepticons in the Michael Bay Pentalogy, he doesn't have any personality.
      • While most of the Decepticons in the first movie didn't really have much personality, they were at least treated as threats and were given motivation. Plus, they acted more robotic and showed some degree of personality through the use of visual storytelling (including their fighting styles). Plus, they were actually treated as important characters in the first film. In the sequels, a lot of the Decepticons were given broader characterizations and personalities, acting like little more than animalistic savages who get killed off anticlimactically, with a lot of them getting killed off the moment they appear in a fight scene.
    4. This version of Devastator also can be best described as a "vacuum cleaner on steroids" due to generating (ridiculous) artificial black holes with his Vortex Grinder.
    5. He somehow failed to even tear Mudflap to shreds when he literally sucked him in using his Vortex Grinder (which is full of sharp blades inside), yet he pathetically gets half of his face ripped off while being shot at.
    6. Devastator also has wrecking balls on his crotch, resembling a scrotum.
      • It would be a little better if the wrecking balls were placed on his hips or heck, his ankle, as a weapon, or the designers could've left them off.
        • Even worse is that his wrecking balls were indeed called a scrotum, possibly meaning that they only did this for an inappropriate joke and nothing else.
    7. Unlike the video game adaptations, for some reason he doesn't shoot out missiles in the film at the humans or the Autobots at all, which wastes what he could've done in the movie.
    8. Also, he barely attacks both the Autobots and the humans as all he does is just eat vehicles and absorb the sand just to uncover the Star Harvester, which wastes his potential and makes him feel less threatening than he really should be.
    9. He only gets a few minutes of screen time (which a lot of the Transformers, especially Decepticons suffer from), before he gets unceremoniously taken out by a rail gun of all things.
      • His death by the rail gun and failure to protect both the Fallen and the Star Harvester were both quite anti-climatic.
      • Like a lot of the Transformers characters in the films, he lacks screen time since the films constantly treat the Transformers as secondary characters in their own movies with them just being used for spectacle.
    10. For all the reasons, Devastator in Revenge of the Fallen was ultimately wasted potential, especially since he's a beloved character in the G1 cartoon.
      • It also feels like a waste of money and CGI, because they used up a lot of money, time, and technology to design and animate Devastator, only for him to be given barely a villain role in the movie, killing him off as well in a weak way.

    Good Devastator Qualities

    1. His transformation scene is one of the best transformation scenes in the Michael Bay Pentalogy. It even wowed producer Steven Spielberg.
      • In fact, He was so complicated to animate, that most of the computers couldn't keep up, and only one was barely able to animate.
    2. Some of his earlier concept artworks showed him standing upright similar to his original incarnation. This is still present in most of his toys.
    3. An original draft from Revenge of the Fallen where he is supposed to be the climatic antagonist after Jetwing Optimus Prime defeats The Fallen & Megatron would have featured making him spiritually faithful to the Generation 1 version, but due to many storylines being cut & focusing on the humans & the twins, this completely ruined him.
    4. He is a much more threatening boss character in the video game adaptations, which is heavily based on R.Q. No. 3 above.
      • Speaking of video game adaptations, although Mixmaster somehow survived Devastator's destruction, he made a great appearance in the video game adaptation of Transformers: Dark of The Moon and was a great boss for Ironhide to put up a well-fair fight.
    5. As mentioned above, his design is alright.
    6. Depending on your view, his vortex grinder ability is pretty cool.
    7. His toys are still cool.
      • The Legends class Devastator was pretty nice and well-detailed.
      • His Supreme class figure is cool and fun, even though it does lack some paint.
      • His Studio Series toy is excellent.
    8. The "Wrecking Balls" scene is admittingly quite funny.


    • The extra two Constructicons that made him up on certain occasions were a yellow dump truck (left leg) and a secondary bulldozer that made up (left hand).


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