Detroit Red Wings (South Park)

"Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

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The Detroit Red Wings are an American NHL professional hockey team. Their first and only appearance in South Park was in the infamous and most obscure episode of the tenth season "Stanley's Cup".

Detroit Red Wings
Sleepy Sam and the Ice Dancers are not the only OP villains who suddenly causes people to get killed to death.
Gender: Male
Type: Overpowered Ageist Sports Team
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of origin: South Park
First appearance: Real Life
Stanley's Cup (South Park)

Why They're Detroit Losers Suckers

  1. They are some of the most mean-spirited characters in South Park history, so much that their bad actions can even give early Shelly Marsh's abusive behavior a run for its money. And similar to Kaz from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, they also behaved nothing like their real-life counterparts, which makes them the pre-Sleepy Sam from Adventure Time for their abusive behavior, absolute torture-fest, and being OP to the innocent people.
  2. None of the Red Wings players care at all about Nelson's cancer (just like Gavin Throttle); and the pee-wee team getting destroyed in bloodshed.
  3. The injuries they give the pee-wee players during the match are too sickening and ultra-realistic, even by South Park standards. This includes scenes where one Red Wings player hits one boy with a puck, bloodying his face and another Red Wings player repeatedly punching Ike.
  4. In a final match, the pee-wee team gets assaulted, tortured, beaten up, and bullied by the Detroit Red Wings. They not only get away with attacking children but also for some reason win a cup without any sportsmanship.
  5. For their lack of sportsmanship, they are a terrible over-dramatization of arrogant and mighty sports teams. In a real NHL game (or ANY professional sports team nonetheless), an adult league would not be allowed to face off against a peewee kids' league!
  6. Their coach is also ungrateful, since what he does is to thank is father to get the trophy and neglect the poor Pee Wee Hockey Team, making him a jerk with no heart of gold.
  7. The portrayal of the team is a prime example of a Karma Houdini.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They are better in real life, and aren't even malicious at all.
  2. Their designs are good as usual.


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